Spammer! BGO, MrGreen, any reason why I'm getting 100's of spam emails from your affiliate?

pocketwin replied and are looking into it.
Amazing how many casinos actually reply when you start forwarding all the spam to them.

I emailed 123casinos back with

Presumably you meant to send this from a bgo address not the 123casino one?

They haven't replied. @Karolina Filip hasn't replied any more on the thread, or PM'd me as I requested. Maybe when you read this, you could ask christos thoma (the person who sent the unsigned email and works for Atemi) to explain how he conducted an investigation into himself?

@Casinomeister is this acceptable from an accredited casino, an affiliate sending hundreds of spam emails, then the rep acting like she doesn't know one of the co founders of the company she works for, is actually the one sending spam, then the affiliate sending an email that is clearly meant to have been sent by BGO?
BGO Casino is a closed casino
Still no reply from 123casinos, and obviously no reply from Karolina, hopefully when Bryan gets back he will have a look at this.
I had a most interesting reply today from the ukgc mate regarding a issue close to my heart.
Obviously won’t post here, but many many unforeseen changes are among us.
So as the affiliate in question, nor @Karolina Filip have answered here or to my reply to the affiliate's email I have copied and pasted it in full below, just removing my domain.

Clearly it was meant to have came from BGO, not from the affiliate. 123casino is still advertising BGO so they haven't stopped them or anything.

This is dodgy as anything, the opt in data was faked, the rep failed to mention the clear link between them and the spammers, they did not have the correct terms and conditions on the site (the url in the email is not the one I mentioned) and the fact neither of the companies reply says it all.

I have today complained to the ICO, the ASA and the UKGC about the spamming, the forged opt in data, breaches of the GDPR, BGO's strong links to the spammers, along with the evidence, a little more than has been posted on here.

Dear Colin

This is in response to your post on the CasinoMeister forum (direct link) where you raise a concern regarding email spam that advertises

First of all, we'd like to apologise for the inconvenience and would like to re-iterate that we take compliance very seriously! As such, we launched an investigation into the affiliate in question and can confirm that the domain has been blacklisted and will no longer receive any emails from this affiliate.

However, we would like to point out that the affiliate was able to produce full optin details of all emails - there are a total of 28 emails registered with the site (listed below for your reference):

Email Address IP Datetime Stamp 2020-01-01 22:57:39 2020-03-06 15:26:51 2020-01-30 05:33:48 2019-11-16 07:11:38 2020-01-16 05:38:37 2020-03-05 01:13:33 2019-11-24 03:29:36 2019-12-14 05:02:24 2020-01-19 08:58:22 2020-02-27 08:23:24 2019-11-10 00:21:17 2019-11-10 01:11:23 2019-11-10 05:32:45 2020-01-25 17:21:50 2019-12-28 16:26:54 2020-01-03 06:51:51 2020-02-03 18:48:14 2020-02-10 03:45:55 2020-02-05 10:50:50 2020-02-03 01:03:47 2020-02-03 03:29:20 2019-11-07 16:40:39 2020-02-13 11:28:02 2019-12-11 11:04:05 2020-02-01 10:07:20 2020-02-07 17:43:38 2019-12-08 15:08:32 2020-03-02 21:40:17

The reason for the multiple emails is down to the affiliate’s ESP being designed to send one email to each address signed up to their database and depending on the interaction with the email itself they may be send another the next day or a few days later. The way the emails have been opened, clicked on and interacted with indicated a high level of interest which the ESP optimised for by continuing to send on a drip feed basis.

Regarding your concern about missing terms and conditions, we reviewed the landing page in question (
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) and can confirm that it is fully compliant with all terms listed as per the latest guidance by the UKGC.

We hope the above is helpful in resolving the issue and please do let us know should there be any further emails and we can investigate further.

Your sincerely,
Just a bump on this so I can find it easily when I post an update in the next couple of weeks about the spamming email campaign these undertook, 123Casinos/The Atemi Group (who have clear and strong links to the BGO group, but now owned by Better Collective), the people they subcontracted to, Clive Smith at Monetise dot, the person they subcontracted to, Djay Bobade t/a KO Mailer / pardots dot net, and where the data was stolen from. All 3, when presented with evidence the data was not legitimate stopped replying. They won't be able to do that to the ICO and UKGC.
BGO Casino is a closed casino

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