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Feb 6, 2002
I'm not entirely sure why this was deleted, as it was entirely relevant to the section it was posted in.

The forum says it was "Moved", but when I click the link it says I dont have permission for the area, and it no longer registers in my posting history, so I am assuming that "Moved" actually means deleted. Seems that mine wasn't the only relevant thread to be hit. Puzzling.

Anyway, if anyone had interest in this topic, you can continue it
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Bryan moved these posts to another forum for americans, but you need permission to enter, as it is not a public, but private forum. my thread was moved there too, just to let you know...sorry!
That's just silly, but then, so is putting concerns over a casino's rep above concerns of player privacy. :rolleyes:
There are a few reasons why these threads were moved - mainly an administrative decision to keep things more precise and organized. The reasons why it's a "selective" forum are mentioned there. If you have more than 150 rep points, you're automatically in. If you don't have the points, just request admission and I'll probably let you in. jerryg - you're in already.

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