the PERFECT bet with the PERFECT deposit


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Jun 17, 2010
hi to all,

what is the best or perfect bet with any deposit?

for ex..

MICROGAMING: i deposit 50 i start with TS2 with bet 60 cent.. is more or not?
i deposit 50 i start with tally ho with bet 90 cent... is more or not?

RTG: i deposit 50 and start with a 50 cent on PAYDIRT or MYSTIC DRAGON... is more or not?
i deposit 50 and start witha 40 cent on RAINDANCE or ACHILLES .. is more or not?

I understand you as you play according to the filing.

Excuse for my bad english :)


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Aug 25, 2004
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It's a very good question... but almost impossible to answer!

There are just so many different factors to consider:
What is your aim - to try to win a small bit, a big bit, or just to have some fun?
What is the variance of your chosen slots - low, medium or high?
Are you playing with a bonus?
Do you have a cash-out target?
And so on...

Personally, for the figures you gave above, I think your MG bets are a little too high for your starting balance, but the RTG ones are about right.

The way I look at it (and these are VERY rough figures) on most slots you will hit the Bonus Feature once every 150 - 170 spins on average. But that's average and you can go MUCH longer without getting it, so you need to allow for double that number of spins: 300 at least.
Then you have to think that the RTP of most of these slots, EXCLUDING the feature wins, is something like 40 - 50%.
So you need to bet low enough that your money lasts 300 spins @ 40%.
That works out to a bet size of about 0.8% of your starting balance.
e.g. Starting with $50, with an RTP of 40%, you would get 312 spins @ $0.40 before busting out.
($0.40 is 0.8% of $50)

Even with all that, your bonus feature can still pay a big fat ZERO, which is why many people prefer to rely on just "gut feeling" and blind luck! :p



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Jun 17, 2010
thank you kk for reply ;)

i play for fun and for a plus extra money

IN RTG i play at 90% with a bonus and in MG without.

I happened to play $ 100 and end up with stakes of 60 to 0. or played 50 euros with an amazing 3 euro bet and winning more money, but i open this thread to improve my technique and compare them with the most experienced gambler ;)