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The New York Casino starts realtime E-Gold payouts.


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WTF.du.com mean.com

idon.un.com der.stand.com





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No, why do You think that? I'm CEO of ITOS Ltd - independent gambling software developer in Ukraine (
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). There is a group of casinos with our license, most Russian language (the best popular is
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Any other questions?


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Yeah, I got another question....

Why is someone intelligent enough to be a CEO, not
intelligent enough to post in the correct forum??

Promos for casinos belong in this forum:

"Online Casino Promos and Ads"

Do you operate an online casino? Got some bonuses/specials you want to promote? This is the place to post 'em...

It's considered SPAM when you put it in this forum.


So why is it already for sale?

Found on Startcasino:


Turnkey sale as is. Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Keno, Slots.
Web admin interface with misc tunings and reports.

Embedded WebMoney and E-Gold Payment system.
Software licensed from ITOS Ltd.

e-mail to support@casino-ny.dn.ua


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We think it is good enough to be purchased by somebody. We are gambling software developers, and have few our own casinos for russian markets. We also producing casinos for sale.