The Dark Knight Rises (Whats Best Spin Feature) PLEASE HELP


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Mar 21, 2012
MG, The Dark Knight Rises, I no building up your free spins and mutiplyer but what's the best feature to take?
BANE Rolling Reels or Super Stacked Wilds or BATMAN Extra Wild Blast or Heat Seeking Wilds, I no its all about how many you have built up but to me I always get roughly the same either side,

Also if you leave the game does this affect anythink? before taking a feature, Such as not going to pay you as much


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Sep 21, 2013
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It's tough to be sure of this without knowing one of a few different things:

1. Having the software provider tell you
2. Knowing if licensing restrictions force it to be a certain way
3. Doing an insane number of spins to collect data

However, for similar games such as Immortal Romance and its clones, others have done playtesting which strongly indicates that the features all have the same value. So in all probability, all features in this game have the same average payout value - but the variance is likely a bit different for each feature choice.

So basically, just take the product of the multiplier and the number of spins to choose between bane/batman, then pick whichever feature you personally prefer if you've unlocked the second feature.

As far as leaving the game, the server will store your accumulated spins and multipliers as well as bet size data. You should be perfectly fine to leave the game and come back later (not sure how long the data is saved though), and come back to hit the feature at another time. I'm also unsure of how this might interact with bonuses since it's an accumulative feature. Additionally, keep in mind that if you change your bet sizes, the game will use some method of weighting to determine your bet size on the feature spins.

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Feb 22, 2013
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if i hit the bonus rounds with an equal number of spins and multiplier then i always pick the 2nd batman feature with the splitting wilds and 6 oaks, its done the best for me overall, but as the earlier poster said im sure in reality they are all capable of paying well.

as far as leaving the game and coming back to it, im pretty sure now that the bonus round is calculated on your average bet size that you have wagered up to the point of hitting the feature, mgs quickly changed it from being the triggering bet size as that was quite open to abuse by building up alot of free spins and multiplier at min stake , then dropping in monster bets in the hope of triggering the feature (still possible to get burned by this but.. ):D


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Jun 19, 2009
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After unlocking the second feature I equally picked the second Bane feature and the second Batman feature with disappointing results. I have more success at picking the Batman extra wild feature. Who knows maybe it doesn't matter which one you play the win could be pre-determined. Anyway I don't play this slot much anymore as I find it a bankroll eater even at low bets.