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Thank the dear lord for Bourbon and Ciggies

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by jubbluck, Mar 25, 2010.

    Mar 25, 2010
  1. jubbluck

    jubbluck Meister Minion MM

    health industry
    far far away
    Had a nice little win at Lucky Red....withdrew most of it....reversed some of it....withdrew again...reversed again....withdrew again, finally - in the wee hours the brakes were finally put on.

    Asked for the withdraw to be flushed...left the chat with the impression it would be...sweet :thumbsup:

    Move forward two days...to today
    (please excuse the poor spelling as I got a wee bit flustered)

    General Info
    Chat start time Mar 25, 2010 3:34:28 AM EST
    Chat end time Mar 25, 2010 4:19:22 AM EST
    Duration (actual chatting time) 00:44:53
    Operator Alicia

    Chat Transcript
    info: Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Alicia'
    Alicia: Hello
    Alicia: How are you today?
    Julie: Hi Alicia, I requested my withdraw to be flushed 2 days ago... then again yesterday. It is still in reverse state. I have also had two emails from the cashier which have been answered and still my withdraw is in reverse state
    Alicia: checking for you
    Julie: Could you please check on its progress. I have not had to ever wait this long at any CWC before
    Alicia: we would need a copy of the credit card **** please so our cashiers can verify your account for withdrawal
    Alicia: sorry that you have not received a preply, i would contact the cashiers
    Alicia: reply*
    Julie: It has been sent twicw
    Julie: twice
    Alicia: when did you sent it please ands to what address
    Julie: please hold
    Julie: sorry im back
    Julie: I sent it about 2 hours ago to This email is not visible to you.
    Julie: That was the second copy of ...****
    Alicia: ok i would check now please
    Julie: I would like to play again but not until I recieve payment
    Alicia: we received it and would process your withdrawals as soon as possible
    Julie: Can it at the very least be taken of the reverse state? I cant help but feel major stalling tactics going on, which is so disappointing. I had deposited through Neteller at any rate
    Alicia: its still in pending withdrawal state and not in a reverse state
    Alicia: and to receive it you would through neteller
    Alicia: sorry, you would receive it through neteller
    Julie: It is in a reverse state. I cannot make a deposit
    Alicia: do you want to make a deposit now?
    Julie: I would make a deposit but I cant and wont until the withdraw is taken
    Julie: When I go into cashier it says I can manage my withdraw. This is a reverse state.
    Alicia: can i call you please so we discuss this issue, i seem not to be getting what you mean, i am sorry
    Julie: No... as Im at work. When you make a withdraw it goes into a pending state....where if you choose...you can reverse it...correct
    Alicia: yes you can reverse it
    Alicia: then its no more a withdrawal request
    Julie: I asked twice for it to be taken out of this state and sent to the cashiers department. I dont mind waiting the normal time for the cashout.
    Julie: It's called flushing so the player....me is less tempted to reverse and blow it
    Julie: That is looking after your players
    Julie: clients
    Alicia: you would need to do it yourself please
    Julie: Every casino I have played at does this and it is promoted on certain websites that all Club World casinos do it too
    Julie: WHAT????? do I need to do myself
    Alicia: if its pending its even lesser of a temptation to blow it back because you dont have it on your playable balance
    Alicia: if you want a reversal, you need to do it yourself is what i mean
    Julie: Ok Alicia.......I have just logged on to lucky red. Hit the cashier button. The screen that comes up is CANCEL A withdraw.
    Julie: This is the very withdrawl I asked to be flushed 2 days ago
    Julie: It's still there tempting me to canel and blow
    Julie: cancel
    Alicia: please then do not cancel it
    Alicia: its in pending , if you do cancel it , it would go back to your playable balance
    Alicia: you would need to wait till our cashiers process the withdrawal later
    Julie: exactly
    Alicia: we cannot do anything to prevent you from playing back your money
    Alicia: its actually up to you
    Julie: NO no no no that is where I beg to differ......that is what we call flushing....it takes away the temptation.
    Julie: EVERY other casino I have plated at does this
    Julie: When i asked two days ago I was not told that it cannot be done
    Alicia: ok, but we do not have that method in this casino at the moment, i am sorry
    Julie: OMG.....That is all I needed to know
    Julie: Cheers
    Alicia: ok
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to **********at the end of your chat.
    Alicia: anythign else?
    Alicia: anything
    Julie: No thanks

    :eek: :rolleyes: :lolup: At least I knew what I was talking about....kinda :p

    Still haven't been paid, but I am much calmer now thanks to the :drink:

    Why does it have to be sooooo hard sometimes

  2. Mar 25, 2010
  3. SlotMonster

    SlotMonster Twitch Streamer - Affiliate webmeister

    :eek2: Did the CS girl actually understand what you were talking about? What I understood from the chat transcript is that she (alicia, right?) even don't know what does it mean to "flush" the cashout...maybe she's just "newbie" and wasn't trained well?
  4. Mar 25, 2010
  5. love2winalot

    love2winalot Dormant account

    Roulette Player
    Philippines/Visiting Las vegas
    Hiya: If you reversed your cash out 2 times, and made a 3rd one, "If I was the casino, i would drag my feet also". You already set the pattern. It is not just On Line Casinos that do things like this, "Most companies do.

    Cash Out, and play someplace else until it arrives, or play in fun mode, or just turn off the PC for a couple of days, or "ANYTHING BUT REVERSING."
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  6. Mar 25, 2010
  7. jubbluck

    jubbluck Meister Minion MM

    health industry
    far far away
    The exact same thing as above happened at Jackpot Capitol tonight.

    I jumped on live chat to request a flush ( after reversing a couple of times) and was politely put in my place...

    "All I can say is that your cashout will be processed within the next 24 hours"


    I just said thank you :oops:

    You are absolutely right Love2winalot. Business is business. They sure are being brutal at the moment.
  8. Mar 25, 2010
  9. Wildfire7

    Wildfire7 Dormant account

    The problem with live chat in general is that the points you wish to express can be lost, as you end up having to explain what you mean, which may not be understood by the operator, then you end up going round in circles.

    For me live support is best used for issues where you need an immediate responce such as a password problem or a bonus to be credited or removed.
    My advice for anything else is to instead send support a carefully constructed email. This way if the recipient cant answer it, they will pass it on to another member of staff who hopefully can.

    If your new to a casino try to make a test withdrawal as quickly as possible, this will give you an idea of what to expect for future withdrawals. Another way is to make incremental withdrawals where you are leaving yourself with more than enough to continue playing. That way you will not be recycling your winnings and making the entire withdrawal process start all over again.

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  10. Mar 26, 2010
  11. love2winalot

    love2winalot Dormant account

    Roulette Player
    Philippines/Visiting Las vegas
    Hiya: This is like the person who wins money in a real casino. Color Up's his chips, and cashes them in at the cage. But instead of walking out of the Casino, he wonders over to the tables again, and buys in again, and plays again...

    The Pit Boss is not going to say, "Sorry Pal, but you already cashed out, and got paid, Please leave the Casino".......It is, "Welcome back buddy, Do you want $25 chips, or $100 Chips this time?"

    You are suppose to leave the Casino. Some Don't, and the Casino knows it. Why do you think the Cashier cage is as far away from any Exit as possible?
    On Line Casino's are the same way. You can not Reverse a withdraw if you leave the Casino.............

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