supervegascasino / sportingbet probs.


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Dec 2, 2001
Supervegascasino and Sportingbet used to run so that you could access sportingbetpoker , sportsbetting and the casino with your supervegas casino login details.

They have made some changes to their system recently and now it works so that you can only access your supervegascasino account if your account was originally created from website. If your account was originally created trough you can access still all three.

Well i supposed they could have thought about this for a moment and informed their customers. I was registered to a poker tournament trough my supervegascasino account. Now i cant access the poker software because the login no longer works. And my account is totally DELETED from the poker software because i could create a new account at the poker software that used to say i cant make any more accounts because i already have 2 accounts with the poker software. I also know this because i am no longer listed in the poker tournament with my old alias which i was registered to.

So currently my money is somewhere in bit heaven as supervegascasino support says its not their problem. Maybe the poker support will help me. Hope so. Also they didnt know can i or do i have to now register a new account with sportingbet, because the upgrade is still being done. NICE work sportingbet.


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