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Jan 19, 2006
Anyone familiar with this site? It is a microgaming flash site that I believe is affiliated with Blackjack Ballroom. Any comments or feedback about the place is appreciated.
Part of the Casino Rewards group. Microgaming as you point out, but with a truly horrible 48 hour reverse policy (though they flush on request still I believe). Of all the MG casinos, probably the group that gets the most stick and I think I'm right in saying about the only MG group Meister won't accredit due to lack of responsiveness. Slow support, but thats probably a case of them growing too big too fast like we've seen at Belle Rock & Fortune.

The group has been the subject of debate here recently so I guess you better get a coffee, sit back and watch this thread develop the only way it can :)
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Some people swear that Casino Rewards <CR> is the best thing since sliced bread. But you may also discover that most of these are affiliates who promote them. So the scale is rather bias.

While others have experienced so many dramas with this group that they wouldn't recommend them to their worse enemy.

Myself, they're one of the very few groups that don't hold eCogra seals to any of their casinos. To me that spells trouble right away. They also have a very lose understanding of integrity and are just as likely to pull any bonus offers they make you just on the fact that you accepted the bonus/s.

With so many other great MG casinos to play at I'd personally be kicking their butt to the curb and moving on some place else. Look around CM's site your sure to find some great MG casinos that wont pull your chain and will pay you void of the headaches your likely to find at Casino Rewards.

Sometimes I continue test them.The big problem with them is they have very low blackjack table limits(maximum 20$).Their ''high limit blackjack''s minimum limits are very high,too.

But if you are going to bet low bets,they arent different from other good mg casinos.They pay usually in 3 days to neteller and 15 days to moneybookers (they have a problem with moneybookers,I dont know whose problem it is.)

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