Streamers advertise shit casinos this time


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Dec 6, 2011
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Yes first of all curacao licension - But Main point player deposit one time - casino set up account for documents veryfications - and they set up system even if player after deposit have balance in account - example deposit secund time with secund deposit bonus you cant make single bet in their site ( example your deposit 100$ for 50% bonus you have 150$ balance but if you make bet in slot you got message not enough bet balance.

Support say you need make doscuments veryfications to bets in our site lol ....

Hm Mayby their dont understand standard in this industry is make document veryfication when player make first withdrawal not when player make first deposit or secund deposit - Mayby they dont understant is not best way to make bisnes practice with locked players to make bets after deposit - im dont know but im belive if this site is serious not scam then somone from this company can explain for players how is possible they set up system to locked players from bets after customers make first or secund deposit ?

+ they dont offered 24/7 live chat so player make first deposit or secund deposit and noticed they cant make single bet in site - support say send documents / veryfiy account - player attached documents under player account profile and hmmm player cant even play beacouse company cant aproved player documents - in lets say 6-12 or 24 h so player account without aproved documents veryfications - player cant play hmmm very interesting bissnes structure they completly dont understand how this industry work or what is wrong with this company ?

New players expected very simple procedure - deposit + take bonus and play and if they win - then they send documents veryfications - But site locked players to play after they make deposit - without 24/7 live support without even chance to upolad and aproved documents - in reasonable time ( no live chat 24 h - is one BIG NO for me

But streamers make money from affiliate so they recommended even shit qulity casinos like - Mayby they pay for players but they dont understand how this industry work ) locked depositors for play after deposit ? No possible to aproved documents in 24 /h ? Who will back to play to casino working like this this is joke ? or what ?

Im know is several other high quality casinos for play but during gambling regulations customers from several countries need chose under curacao licensed casinos - And im dont know how is possible casino locked players for play after customers make first deposit and in same time dont offered 24/7 live support ( when live support is offline they say - please wait until we make your account veryfications - So wait they expected somone deposit in their site and after deposit upload ducuments and next wait 24 h just for their unlocked new customers for play ?
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Aug 29, 2012
Scammers, pure and simple

And yes, some streamers would have links to Stalin if they think it makes them money

Because not being able to bet after 'document approval' is still money in the casino's pocket


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Jan 8, 2020
Is streaming, playing online casinos now legal in USA? Twitch seems to have been taken over by Americans playing Big Time Gaming and Playngo slots. Has to be VPN right?

Half of them seem underage too!


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Dec 9, 2017
jacksonspoint ontario canada
Any casino with license in the banana republic, would never deposit a dime. Again, even won't say who the ones that are accredited. I had to learn hard least only 20$ a couple times. Last 2 years. Figure it out what up and what down. Not with out learning at the meister. ✌