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May 17, 2006
Just got this

Dear Customer,

It is with great regret that I inform you, the Board of Directors of SC UK Casino NV have made the decision to cease the operation of Sports Cafe Casino and Poker with immediate effect. Both sites will close and no further transactions will take place as of close of business 26th October 2006.

Our customer support team at Webdollar will be available to assist you with withdrawal issues if you have money on account:

Please contact them directly on the following details:

Email -
Support Number (Toll Call) +46 470 70 5750

Toll Free Support Numbers
UK 00800 2677 0000
Switzerland 00800 2677 0000
Spain 00800 2677 0000
Italy 800 986 233
Germany 00800 2677 0000
France 00800 2677 0000
Canada 1 866 394 4441
Austria 0800 677 199

On behalf of the Directors, I apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your loyal custom.

Yours Sincerely

Casino Manager

Nice of them to give a whole 2 hours notice!

If you have any money in there, better withdraw quick

Useless support

I have big money there, I wrote to the support immediately, but nothing is happening except they write the same nonsense again and again. The casino wrote to contact webdollar, webdollar wrote me to contact the casino manager.
This surprises me, as it is not the usual Boss Media way of doing things and that SC > Webdollar > SC ping pong communications loop doesn't look right.

I've contacted a guy I know in Boss Media management, but he won't be in the office until after the weekend. Hopefully he can make some sense of this.
Progress report:

I spoke to a senior guy at Boss Media in Sweden this morning and he took a look at this thread and was genuinely concerned about the effect this dispute is having on the players and legit monies owed to them.

This is the position.

The operator and Boss have some hassles regarding monies owed, and the operator in this case (unprofessionally in my view) is responsible for the abrupt shutdown of Sports Cafe casino and poker sites without adequate communications or notice to the players and an agreed payout solution in place.

Boss Media cannot disclose the identity of the operator, but it is a Sports Cafe franchisee believed to be in the UK and a substantial business - I have this from a source and we are investigating it further to identify these people if we can.

The shunting from casino to Webdollar and back to the casino should never have occurred as Boss are sensitive about their generally good reputation.

My contact is therefore making arrangements for Boss-Webdollar to look after all legitimate and proven players with positive balances in their accounts. This will hopefully avoid delays on the player side, and Boss will sort out recompense with the operator as a seperate issue.

Players should get in contact with WebDollar with their user and ID, and arrangements will be made to pay them a.s.a.p.
Good work jetset !

Although this does not affect me personally ( i had no money in my account ), it is good to know there are people out there with the right contacts who are willing to help others.


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