SpectraGames - problems with payout

GI Joe

Aug 2, 2005
Does anyone know spectraGames.

I have made several deposit without any problems:)

,,,but when I made a small withdrawel friday last week - I havent heard from them.

...any experience?

...they looks lika a wagerjunction clone

GI Joe
They have their payments done by aquapay, which is definetely a hint that they are connected to wagerjunction.
So it might be a US problem?
sorry, if i am right!
I have played there.. Their payouts sometimes take 1-2 weeks. Sometimes you get the funds within 48 hours.
Its weird, i thought they were wagerjunction for sure, but appears not as the rep on this board told me that they are not connected.
However a sister casino uk-roulette.co.uk is listed at www.wagerjunction.co.uk (not wagerjunction.com). I am 99% sure this is a sister to that one, because the promotions are same every week. Also www.goldstandardcasino.com sends out the same weekly promotions. That ones website has been down for about 3 weeks, but they still send the weekly promotions, and the casino still works (weird).
Does anyone know the owner?

Probably is.

These look like the UK facing arm of Wager Junction. The casino is King Solomon's POUND casino, hardly any one except me seems to play there because the random jackpots all seem to be around 1K on pretty much every slot.
Aquapay is their processor, and does not necessarily indicate a connection unless Aquapay is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wager Junction.

If a casino is attempting to pass itself off as Wager Junction to gain credibility, the rep should look into this.

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