Southpark slot Kenny bonus


For any players of this game , Just how hard is it to get this bonus ?

I have had over 50 bonuses on this game now since its release and have not got it yet , it seems 4/5 bonuses are just cartman bonuses

Does it always pay big ?

Foe me this bonus is up there with T2 orange mode / hot mode and a 4 reel wild desire haha ..


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it comes up about 1 in ten

its not hard to get from my play seems to be about a one in 10 chance the vomit feature is least seen for me
try another casino mix it up kick the baby seems to come up most followed by cartman


Yeah maybe i'll try a diff casino and see if that has any impact but seriously i think perhaps about 70 bonuses since its release and not one kenny bonus , my last session i had 12 bonuses in total and 9 were Cartman , including 7 Cartman in a row


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Seems to be the most common one I get! We had a lucky punter reach the end on it the other day, paid him a fairly handsome sum!


I've only hit it once in around 800 spins. It paid 27x i believe.

I gave up going for it after that, I was expecting maybe 100x as it was so difficult to hit, I guess I was just unlucky.


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ive hit kenny bonus and got to end twice

ive got to the end trice once on 25 cent bet and once at 50 cent bet out of about 25 goes
done well on cartman once bonus round went on so long i though the slot had broken managed 635 times bet. ive got a finished kenny round screenshot somewhere the end prize is 100 times bet and it makes 80 to 100 times average when ive got it on the way to the end 200 times bet is normal all up payout
ill post img if i can find it not sure witch pc ive got it on ;) hit the game up on freeplay and run 100 features then work out the odds 1000 features would be better even though its still a small sample


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I agree the Kenny bonus is hardest to hit - and this makes me wonder about how exactly NetEnt slots work: if it was a "truly random" slot with only one of each bonus symbol on reel 5, then they would all have the same chance of appearing. So either it's not "truly random", or reel 5's reel strip is incredibly long with only 1 Kenny symbol but more of the others.

Anyway, I think I've only got Kenny 3 or 4 times in all my play, whereas Cartman is MUCH more common... and VERY annoying as more often than not, it pays CRAP - I think I've only ever once got over x100 from it (that was x201 actually). The Kyle & Stan bonuses seem to come up roughly equally for me (i.e not often enough!)