Software Complaint Some big orange thingy came dangling down!


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Sep 20, 2017
United Kingdom
Magical forest. A slot that needs a good slap. My £2.50 stake was a one off crazy spin that actually landed me the luckiest bonus activation at just the right time ...
Lucky bonus round ...not loading....lucky me lucky me lucky ....what the hell is this pop up saying rats hit a snag...OK OK ...log out log in load slot ...bonus....not loading!
OK clear cache poop browsing history all that nonsense computer off computer on
Bonus not loading
ERM....livechat muppet tells me it should be loading. Thank you for clarifying that only took u 20 mins
Phone call ....customer care report technical fault......
Told that it might right itself in a bit and wait a bit longer if it doesn't
Furiously called again one week later....
Told I must have had the bonus already as these things load automatically or I am mistaken and never even had a bonus in the first place!!!
Few months later I'm no richer and site denies everything anyway
Requested game history as not accessible on my laptop or mobile device
Ignored my request 3 times in a row seperate
Emails and everything!
oooooh those damn dirty rats got me good
Dammit Jim! I'm a Doctor! Not a vegetarian


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Jan 16, 2012
Were you using Slot Tracker when this occured? If so we can probably find your spin data and let you know what that bonus would of paid had it completed.