Slotastic casino problem with withdrawal


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Jun 6, 2007
have requested yestarday withdrawal to neteller, today found it is canceled and requested to moneybookers.
Slotastic support told it was me, but its not me.

have requested my withdrawal again to neteller, and worst waiting time again is reset to 48 hours.

In chat with slotastic casino:
Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Jackson'
Jackson: Welcome to our live chat service. How may I help you today?
sl-: hello!have requested yesterday withdraawl ro neteller, but now I see its declined and is requested to moneybookers
sl-: why you have declined my withdraawl to neteller?
Jackson: Please hold one moment.
Jackson: we did not declined it
Jackson: it was you
sl-: no,it wasnt me
sl-: I have login today once to check status of my neteller withdraawl
sl-: and recive answer it will be done tomorow
Jackson: in our records shows that it was you who declined the transaction and request the moneybookers payout
sl-: It wasnt me
sl-: ok,can I rerequest again to neteller my withdraawl?
Jackson: yes
Jackson: go to the cashier and cancel it
Jackson: and request it again via netellet
Jackson: neteller
sl-: and now I need to wait agian 2 days before it will be aprooved?
Jackson: no
Jackson: sorry, yes you have to wait 48 hours
Jackson: to be process
sl-: but why
sl-: if I havent cancelled my withdraawl
Jackson: it was not us
sl-: but who?
Jackson: in our records shows it was you
sl-: I was online in casino when it was canceled?
Jackson: it shows cancel by customer
sl-: Im sure I havent
Jackson: today at 4:11am EST
sl-: maybe it is possible to process my withdrawal tomorow , how we spoke few hours ago?
Jackson: im sorry but you will have to wait the 48 hours
sl-: can you check, if I was online at 4.11 am EST/
Jackson: Please hold one moment.
Jackson: you requested it on 9/24/2013 7:20:10 AM and cancel it on 9/25/2013 4:11:50 AM
sl-: I have requested it, but I havent cancel it
sl-: I wasnt in casino at time it was cancelled
sl-: have you checked if I was logining in in casino at cancel time?
Jackson: Please hold one moment.
sl-: hello?
Jackson: my manager is reviewing the account
Jackson: Please hold one moment.
sl-: ok
Jackson: after a review of your account we can not see if you were log in at that time
Jackson: we only can see that you canceled the payout
sl-: but I havent canceled it, why, to wait more time before it will be processed?
Jackson: sorry but that is all the information we have
Jackson: and we can not do any thing about it
Jackson: it shows it was you
sl-: when I request withdrawal
sl-: I recive email notification
sl-: and I have recived email about neteller payout
Jackson: im sorry but we can not do anything about it
sl-: how can I be sure, it cant be cancelled again?
sl-: and payout time will be reset again to 48 hours?
Jackson: i can a sure that it wont be cancel on our side
sl-: withdraawl will be processed on friday if nothing happened again?
Jackson: correct
sl-: ok,will wait
sl-: thanks for help

have anyone same expirience?


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Jun 20, 2001
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On the face of it, this looks like incompetence by the CSR and manager....and hence Slotastic.

AFAIK there is NO way that you can login to your account without the casino recording and being able to see it. So, I would say they're either telling porkies or don't know what they're doing....either way ain't good.

Of course, the other possibility is that someone else at your home has access to your account.

How did you deposit? Many casinos will only pay back to your previously used methods, or even your most recent, to save on fees. If you deposited via Skrill, then they may not pay via Neteller. I would have thought it wouldn't happen until after the 48 hrs though, when they actually processed your withdrawal...??

My advice is to contact the rep.

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Feb 17, 2009
Payout processed!

Hi there,

The matter has been resolved and payment was processed today.

Kind regards,
Casino Manager