SIA doesnt pay - seems to be a leak of money


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Mar 10, 2005
It's been 3 weeks that I made a withdrawal with They state they would pay within 96 hours, so after 5 days I wrote them and they replied they need my identification. After waiting another 3 days I got this reply:
"We sincerely apologize for the delays.
I have been informed by the Accounts Department that we can expect your withdrawal to reach Neteller within 24-48 hours"

A few days later I asked again and they told me they "are currently experiencing an influx of requests and are just now catching up"

On March 7th they told me my ID was not accepted because expired. I am brazilian and have a brazilian ID. There is no expiration date of brazilian IDs!

On March 9th they said: "...however our casino withdrawals are somewhat delayed and your transaction will not be processed until Monday."

On March 12th I got another excuse: "We apologize for the delay as the accounts manager was away this week and will be getting to your situation promptly"

I am still waiting. I provided my docs in no time at all, sometimes they say, it is not valid, sometimes the apologize that they didn't review it yet. My ID is absolutely correct and not out of date.

Don't play at this casino. They seem to really delay payments without any reason!

I'm gonna inform you when I get paid.

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Not exactly a leak of money from them to their players :D

Wonder if they have a person hired just to make up lame excuses...

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