Shuffle Master & Ultimate Texas Hold Em Mathematical Expert Help Please...


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So I was at a land casino here in Missouri last weekend playing a terribly addicting table game called Ultimate Texas Hold Em. I was on a progressive table not that this matters but here is my question about the use of
a card shuffling machine, Shuffle Master. Single deck- There are 5 spots on the table, players are dealt 2 cards down then the spread consist of 5 cards finally the deal has 2 cards dealt down.
Several of the players were questioning the use of the shuffle machine saying it somehow can control the dealers final 2 cards.
There was one man that counted out of 100 hands played the dealer won with 3 cards or a full house 48 times.

Now I am not a believer this can be controlled because how can the machine possibly know if players are going to hold or toss in the cards, some may go all in with pocket deuces while others may toss those in if the river turns nothing up in their favor etc..

So my question is does anyone else play this game and have you ever considered the Shuffle Master to be in the house favor? What I think would be a good idea is there be 5 lights in front of each player that would randomly blink off leaving 1 lite up, that would be the player who was dealt cards first. To me that would be fair since it first person dealt cards is always different...



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I was a supervisor/trainer at many casinos. I would have to work one on one with the shuffle master crew. When auto shufflers were first brought into a casino, many people looked at them as a way for a casino to cheat. The only reason they were brought in was to speed up the amount of shoes our dealers could produce in an hour. One procedure that was put in place at the casinos I worked for and I trained the dealers to do this, just for the sole purpose of gaining our customers trust with a shuffler. I would have them cut the deck before they placed into shuffler. This was a visual people could see that the cards were being mixed each and every shoe. On 3 card and all poker games they would pick up discarded cards and shuffle or blend the cards 3 times then cut it once, then they could put into machine for deck to be shuffled. After having that system in place our complaints about lack of trust as you would say were virtually gone. It's easy to count the times the dealer gets a hand, and call foul when there is nothing to compare it too. If you feel it was weighted in any way try this. Invite your friends over deal yourself and keep track of how many hands you as the dealer received, then see what your results are.