Should my bets have been accepted?


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Feb 4, 2021

I would appreciate thoughts on this please.

I self excluded from all online betting sites a few years back it was the best thing I done. I re recently ventured into a well known high street bookmakers to place some bets on the Cheltenham racing festival. The shop promoted an in-store card that enabled you to get the best price on horse racing when using the card when betting in store so I signed up using my email address and other personal details required.

After using it for a day or two the staff and manager was alerted to a warning sign on the system that basically said the customer (me) should not be using the in-store card as it had linked the email address I gave to the online account I use to have which I self excluded from using GAMSTOP a couple years back.

However, instead of refusing my bets I was advised to throw the card away and continue to place bets without it. At first I agreed, but after a while I realised the staff, manager and even the area manager who were all aware of my online exclusion must be breaching some type of social responsibility rules set out by the regulators for allowing me to continue to bet after their system flagged my online exclusion online.

I know an online exclusion does not apply to in store shops, but as a licensed operator who has a duty of care not only to me but their regulatory obligations seem to have failed in this instance.

In my opinion, if they were not willing to accept my bets with the in-store card then they should not have accepted any of my bets which were quite substantial without one.

I have made a written complaint to the company and awaiting their reply. In the meantime would appreciate the opinions of you all.

I guess within the confines of the laws and guidelines presently they were 'legally/ technically' ok in accepting the bet, as online and B&M are still very much segregated. Neither will governing bodies come down hard on them for that reason alone, if I understand it correctly 🤷‍♂️

That's not to say they weren't morally obliged to do the right thing. But as we know, bookies are dives where people are encouraged to lose the shirt off their back, and so hearing their indifference doesn't exactly set the world alight.

I ventured in there ONE TIME to place a bet on England to beat Iceland at the Euros, a dead cert one might say. I was so VIPd into oblivion that it was downright frightening. And worse than England losing was the fellow's cloying nature. I thought he was going to give me a back rub at one stage :eek2:

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