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(I posted this over at Winner Online but wanted to get some opinions over here.)

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I'm not one to believe that casinos knowingly offer unfair games - especially with well-known software - but I sometimes really doubt the "supposed" randomness of RNGs.

Look at the middle hand(s) above. I split a pair of identical aces only to get identical draw cards on each (yes, both cards are a three of spades and a seven of hearts).

I would usually laugh this off, but situations nearly identical to this pop up all the time when I'm playing in MG casinos.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Out of curiosity, I wonder what the odds of drawing those two identical hands really are.
Pretty amazing! Multiplayer BJ uses five decks, but the odds for these identical cards to appear is pretty slim, but possible. In fact there are four identical cards appearing (6 clubs, A hearts, 3 clubs, 7 hearts). Awesome.

But I wouldn't consider this unfair if it came out in your favor :)

Yeah, I actually won the hand and had a winning session. It just seems that something might be wrong with the RNG, which could work to anyone's (casino or player) advantage.

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