Sandpiper Casino's unfair games....?


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Mar 28, 2003
Colony Gamma
Okay... It has been a while since I yelled "rigged" but this Casino has managed to upset me more than just a bit now!

Losing is one thing, but if I feel that cards are being dealt so unnaturally that it can not be any more obvious, then I can not take it anymore without starting to bitch!
I have played with Sandpiper a few times over the last few months, todays session though just convinced me of this Casinos' untrustworthiness, after they invited me for another bonus on my deposit.

I got to admit that I have not played thousands of hands to "prove" my statements, but do not dare to do so either. The pattern of my few hundred hands was just too gross and unnormal.
I have played millions of hands over the last several years online, and have learned to notice when something is too wrong.

If anyone has had similar experienced similar happenings with Sandpiper, please post! Please also let me/us know if you have ever been able to beat this joint and cash-out.

Oh my...!
No, I absolutely do not have any proof for my accusations but am basing my statements on the fact that their games simply seemed to be unbeatable.
I have always received a bonus upon my deposit with them and lost my money either straight or pretty much right on when I was about to finish the wagering requirements.

Basically I have started this thread to see if anyone has ever won at this place at all so I can form myself a clearer opinion on them. There is still a very slight chance that I might be wrong, but the pattern of gross cards for me was just too strong! Especially on Caribean Stud Poker my "strong" hands got beaten dozens and dozens of times.
I just can not believe that anyone is able to win at such a horrible Casino with an apparent house-advantage of 90% or so.
Please correct me if I am wrong!
Chartwell. :)

Wierd as hell, but I've managed enough winning sessions to have not been definitively put off the software.

Never play Chartwell blackjack unless wearing a pair of surgically reinforced brown trousers.

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