Sam David


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Hi Sam,

Consider yourself BUSTED!!!!!

Your profile:-
Date of Birth:
August 15, 1981
About you:
Looking for Affiliates
How did you find Casinomeister?:
Through Google
Affiliate Manager
Best Casino IMHO:
21 Magic of course ;)
Favorite Films:
The Matrix , Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind , The Goonies , Gladiator ,
Back to The future(1,2,3) and more ...

Joined yesterday, didn't post, but spammed me via my own website:-

Vinyl hi,

I saw your post on and checked your webpage too It seems like you're qualified for the job.

My name is Sam and I'm an affiliate manager in Brook Media, the marketing arm of 21 Magic (

21Magic is one of Playtech's newest and fastest growing casinos. We are aggressively recruiting affiliates and I would like to invite you to join. The reasons you should consider us are:

We convert better than most try us and see. The reasons: new platform (e.g. no player saturation), high welcome bonus of $1,000, and great customer support
We extract excellent player value so we can pay you more if your traffic is good.

In order to drive massive traffic in the next 2-3 months, we are offering $200 CPA per player (minimum deposit of $50) from the 1st player. If you can bring more then 40 players a month we will be willing to offer you a better deal. We can offer 30% rev share, moving up to 35% with volumes.

Our download is in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. We offer huge player bonus, and have multilingual customer phone and email support.

I want your business, and the more the better. Please advise which banner sizes, languages and currencies convert best on your properties.

Looking forward to your business


Affiliate manager


[email protected]

MSN Samdavi[email protected]


Coincidence that you also think this casino is the best, and are "looking for affiliates".
Seems this spamming is in your job description at this "BrookMedia" outfit.

You are lurking right now, and your casinomeister username is "Sam David". This fortuitous circumstance has allowed me to bust you, despite the fact you have not made yourself known to the forum by posting.

21Magic looks like some dodgy Playtech, and looking at the T & C is hardly the casino to be promoting to UK players, not even if I paid them $100 a time to sign up & lose $50 there:D

Have some lunch on me:D


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Jul 24, 2006
it's porktastic! lmfao :thumbsup:


Keep winning this amount.
Mar 10, 2005
21magic has been allowing rogue affiliates to spam their casino since they opened their doors.

I feel it's fitting that the affiliate manager spams as well :thumbsup:


You type well loads
Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Where are our manners? Yesterday was his birthday.

Happy Birthday Mr. David

Perhaps this is what enabled me to bust him:D

I just remember getting the spam, and wondering which casinomeister username was him, when I chanced upon "Sam David" at the bottom of the main forum page. A quick view of his profile made me 101% certain I had the "Right Sam David" in my sights:D

We now have to wait for the first spammy forum post so he can get banned from here too:D

If Sam sees this, a request for affiliates can ONLY be made in the commercial section, anywhere else is spam. If anyone is tempted by this offer ($200 for players depositing $50), bear in mind the only way the casino can offer this, a $1000 SUB, AND 30%+ share of revenue, and stay in profit is by SCREWING THE PLAYERS. Each player has to lose over $200 just for the casino to break even net of expenses, thus it is likely they will have an "agressive bonus abuse detection policy".

Any affiliate can also give 21magic a bloody good hiding by doing a little "aggressive marketing" of their own (assuming 21Magic actually pay up the $200 for players who only deposit the $50).

I have already thought up what I would do-

I would offer "guaranteed to win & be paid, or double your first $50 back" - this would be a no-lose offer both for the player and affiliate, but would quickly put an end to 21magic. (maybe that isn't such a bad idea after all;) ).


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May 11, 2006
North of Antarctica
He's still at it. Amazing how they just blindly spam people without even knowing who they are emailing.

Sam David <[email protected]> to webmaster

Hi webmaster,
21Magic is launching an amazing September Special: 60% rev share in September for all new affiliates!
21 Magic casin*o is one of the hottest new multi lingual casin*os from award winning Pl*aytech. Brook Media Onli*ne, 21Magic's affiliate program manager, is launching an extra special offe*r which will make you lots of money. So send your traffic and earn the top commissions possible!

Septmeber commissions: 60% of net gaming!!
October commissions: 50% of net gaming!!
November commissions onwards: up to 40% of net gaming!!

All new affiliate applications are reviewed by Brook Media to ensure quality of affiliates and verify no affiliates use spam, splogging or other illegitimate marketing techniques. To help us open your account quickly so that you can earn 60% net gaming on your August traffic also, send an email with your name, domains or traffic sources, and contact details and we will try to open your account within 24 hours. The 60% rev share program soft launch popularity is keeping us at work around the clock. New account opening may take several work days and we advise you contact us as soon as possible.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Sam David
Affiliate manager
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
[email protected]
MSN [email protected]
Please note we do not accept players from the US, Israel or Turkey, and no spam traffic.

This email was sent to my old web site - which has been down for about 10 months. He must really be desperate for affiliates! :rolleyes:

Also, did you notice that he made a few posts before becoming banned? I guess he was trying to build a name for himself. I think Lojo's name for him was simply the best:

Spam David


Then again, with a commission offer of 60%, I think "Scam David" would be appropriate as well. Especially considering that the 60% figure only applies for August, and I just received the email today.


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Jun 15, 2007
I know I am going to sound a little nieve here but why did he not just ask casinomeister ? Im not too clued up on Casino sites but its what I would have done


Banned User - repetitive violations of <a href="ht
Jan 18, 2007
He spammed the Meister too and in the text said, '<sic> splogging and spam will not be allowed by my affiliates'.