royal vegas and pokertime (SPAM)


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Nov 24, 2006
Seems like royal vegas poker is moving over to the new name pokertime. Both sites are up. Now I have an account at royal vegas but not at pokertime. I started receiving mails from pokertime. Would this not qualify as SPAM even though I have accepted to receive mails from royal vegas?
I am not sure that you are not just adding 2+2 together and getting 5.

I will explain. It is possible that time and vegas are merging but i would be very surprised if this is the case for the following reasons

Both sites run on Microgaming software and are part of the prima/microgaming poker network. Both sites are affiliated to the fortune lounge group. This has been the case for some time

In effect you can join either site and play against the same players but they each have different branding and looks. Why merge them when they are practically the same anyway as they run the same poker software, share the same network base of players and are run by the same group (fortune lounge) it would make little sense.

In terms of receiving the spam there are many spammers who have nothing to do with either site. If you can check the code you might see it is an unscrupulace affiliate. It is also possible that Fortune Lounge share contact details within the group. When it comes to spamming there is little you can do about it other than block sender/ unsubscribe.
I think Kenny is right. I had a small balance in my account at Royal Vegas and when I logged on recently the software updated and started up again as PokerTime. I can only assume Royal Vegas have been taken over.

Its a bit harsh to call the Poker Time emails unwanted spam. If you were on the Royal Vegas mailing list its only natural for Poker Time to want to carry on sending letters to you. If your account has been transfered to Poker Time I think you can reasonably argue that permission to send emails was also transfered at the same time.

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