Royal Towers Casino?


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Sep 20, 2005
Left Hungary
Anyone know anything about this casino? Just got an offer to play and one of the T&C's state that:
We also do not authorize players originating from the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan, Russia and United States players from the state of Louisiana.
I have never seen this before and have never played here..
Don't play here. They are a sister casino of Golden Spur, with video poker that recycles discards without disclosing that it does so (and pays no bonus on recycled cards). All of their casinos use the same proprietary software.

I posted a thread about this with screenshots around the time that Mansion was caught recycling:
Sister casino of Royal Tower Casino----keep away from them

Treasure Tomb Casino

Captain Morgan's Casino

Golden Spur Casino

Dragon Rouge Casino

High Rollers Club Casino

Mount Olympus Casino

Double Jackpot Casino

Vegas Reels Casino

I have played Golden Spur Casino some days ago.

It's very ridiculous that I can't take insurance sometimes when I played their blackjack.


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