Roshtein Banned on Twitch

Just shows you that you never know what will happen in life.
One week you celebrate winning 2 million monopoly money, and the next you are banned from the platform for not following the rules.
The money may have been fake, but the hair and the cool hats were real, and nobody can take that away from you.
The thing is, Twitch will probably soon lift the ban. These really large streamers bring in too much traffic to the platform for them to remain banned I think. Money talks.
The new gambling rules on Twitch are a dog’s breakfast. Not defending Rosh at all because I feel what he is doing is toxic, but they should at least be handing out warnings rather than bans for minor offences.

They really should have gone all or nothing. All being banning the slots and gambling metas completely. Not sure what the half-arsed rules are going to achieve.
He is as toxic as they come but the ban by what certain Twitch streamers are saying is a short one. The gimp will be back no doubt touting his 2 million per spin wins.

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