CasinoGrounds streamers are paid actors?


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Mar 6, 2016
i was watching a monopoly live video and i noticed one of the girls looked really familiar.
their face and voice were way to familiar so i looked into who they were and i was a bit shocked.
i love the content from casinogrounds channel but after this i won't watch them anymore because it will feel like i am watching a roshtein video, fake money with fake reactions.
watch the slotspinner video and watch the second video starting at around 6:03.
casinogrounds has some explaining to do.

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Slotspinner always struck me as genuine.

If after all this time it turns out otherwise, I'll be more annoyed with myself than anything else.

He, just like Kim, are genuine. Can vouch for them having met them a number of times. They made their money out of affiliation.

As for the first clip, this is a compilation from other streams I believe.
i do believe slotspinner and letsgiveitawank are genuine but if you paid attention to the monopoly live girl in the slotspinner vid, she is one of the girls from luckylunatv
are the rest of the casinogrounds group paid actors from evolution?
Kim has always been a genuine streamer using his own funds, watched him from when he started up, when he was broadcasting from his sofa in the Swedish flat. Now it's more of a slick broadcasting operation from Malta, I don't tune in. Less interesting.
It’s so easy for these streamers to play with casino money I mean if you can stock your viewers and play with free money and watch the affiliate money mount up then why not , I can’t stand that people like hat man and others definitely don’t use there own money and there scam giveaways,but when you gamble yourself and lose slog it can seriously bring you down so these streamers always got a happy face !??
@toph11 it's as @Yellowsamuel stated - actually 'was there' during Bella's 'assimilation', if you will... :p
It's a long story but it went from banter through live stream/evo chat, flirting with Bella and other girls and lads there, and ended up with invites, visits and a short love story to end up as a LGIAS streamer with 2 of her friends :p

Even if it wasn't 'real' -still more entertaining and more depth than any ole soap-opera! :D

I don't watch streamers, except for the LGIAS main ones, + dunover and Rolla and Bandit, who are at best occasional streamers..
The silver lining there is that i do not for one second doubt any of them in terms of their 'legitimacy'!

So, i think you can safely keep watching their streams, without feeling you're involved in some paid actor, deep fake set-up :p
I have to meet the first streamer who actually is not affiliated by casino's and is on a profit for the long run.

Video's like these kind of ruined the "normal" affiliation. There's a ton of rogue casino's loading up affiliates and even streamers getting hooked using "test" accounts of the casino. It basicly boils down to, folks playing 8 hours slots a day, and highlight the bigger wins in a compilation. That is their profession in a nutshell. The revenue is usually the "paid marketing deal" of the casino followed with affiliate losses; which varies from 15 to 30%. So every affiliate who signs up using a personal code or affiliate link, if they deposit 100 and lose 100, 15 to 30% goes to the streamer.

The action might seem real, the play and all that, but the provided funds are not. This gives them a green card in regards of their bettings. Not even a billionaire can sustain playing 1500$ a spin.

I think their action for some reason yields as larger percent or something as long as they do not withdrawl. I know it sounds stupid but did any of you still had some action after a large cashout? Likely not.
The only people I feel sorry for are the ones who believe any of this charade is in any way genuine. I mean, at what point does the penny drop that these bet sizes are inhuman, and that no one, no matter how 'lucky' would ever be able to sustain these sessions?

Sadly, many newer players will believe this to be 'the way of things', and so would probably not even see 20p bets, or anything up to £20 bets as viable. And so they believe life-changing wins are attainable by placing down obscene bets, which is of course where the tragedy lies.

But most impressive of all is the above actor, and others of that ilk, aka 'adult pretenders' still finding new and inventive ways to look positively euphoric at each and every win. As in the case of the man with the hat, he's had so much practice that he's now reached Laurence Olivier status of acting range. And that's something money just can't buy :cool:
Fraid not. He's a deep fake that (unfortunately) plays with himself

Always been told, always said and always encouraged my kids that "Hate" is a strong word and is often misused and there are alternatives are maybe a better way of wording things or expressing your feelings about a certain person.....

However, if I was asked to make a shortlist of exceptions, that tw&t would easily make the grade :p
I'm mostly indifferent to him, as I can see the showmanship and gimmick for what it is. There's about a billion streamers of all genres, all employing their own 'brand' to make them believe they stand out from the crowd.

In its simplest form, it's quite clearly scripted. Yet of course the problem lies in gullible viewers believing any of this is real, and in effect 'empowering' him. If more could see it's just an act, it loses its agency, and he's just an over-enthused hat-wearer playing slots.

You know you're in trouble when you have to convince casual players that £1500 bets aren't really the way forward. Yet the problem lies in that too many actually believe his antics are real, and for that he should accept responsibility 🤷‍♂️
There's just a large audience who's stupid enough to even think it's any real. Or the amount of begging happening under those video's or social media. I find it very difficult to find a legitimate casino who offers anything more then 125 euro a spin. And thats usually because of financial liability. It means that the casino is willing to cover bets up to 5000x your betsize, or in this case a 100 bonus game would yield you a max win of 500.000 euro. It's very slim to even hit such odds at such bet levels, but yeah.

There's a serious risk that if you ever win big on such a large brand you can get sacked. And there's nothing (legally) you can do about it. Because you broke the TOS at first sight due to use of VPN or using a casino that it's not permitted to operate in or from. Think twice before even signing up to such promoted casino's.

They are attempting to attract both whales and people from 3rd world country who never seen the internet at it's early days. And how casino spam was delivered back then. DoucheStein said it himself that, gambling itself would offer him long term losses and quite alot, to switch to streaming and hoard in signups while having zero financial risk to the game because the casino's sponsor him. Also, Ayezee would claim that his deposits where raw cash, to like not tell the audience that the money coming from his BTC or ETH account was send a half hour prior from one of the casino accounts. They are each and everyone of them a bunch of scammers who uphold a very unrealistic form of gambling.

You have a channel with 500 subscribers? Good, come aboard. We hook you up with a fake balance and your goal is to entice people into gambling. It goes like this:


Like, wtf. Spending your entire paycheque is something cool now?


But sometimes along the way you can actually find a gem in regards of a streamers confession:


That list goes on pretty much. Stick to your own opinion, dont follow the hype, dont buy from streamers and more important go with your own gut. The thing that bothers me the most is the amount of rogue casino's being promoted by these streamers.

Ive digged into Ayezee for some time. Basicly he's part of a company which is named interactive gaming group, and sets up streamers to stream or promote content. What ayezee is doing is just fake stream his way through with zero financial loss. Buy a couple of viewing bots here, a couple of fake likes there, throw in a give-away to attract audience and thats about it. Making money over desperate people who suffer from a (potential) gambling addiction. Way to go. I coud'nt sleep to be honest knowing that.
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In all fairness to the original and soon after, Casino Grounds crew such as Kim and Nick they sold the platform to Leo Vegas Holdings( or some similarly worded title) for a considerable sum a few years back. This revenue on top of their affiliation stuff makes them have little need to use 'fake' funds. As for a few streamers who came after them and joined Casino Grounds such as the German student lad who went from 40 and 60 cent spins to 10 Euro spins almost overnight,I suspect the parent company or Kim and his crew may have 'subbed' him a few Euros to raise his profile and revenue as he was now part of that crew. It seems they believe,probably rightly so using their analystics,that these bigger stakes attract more views? Which then creates more ad clicks and revenue and affiliation streams through new customers,as that is what us punters actually are.

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