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Jun 21, 2006
now laura is threatening me that god is going to get me for speaking up. here is my email to her and her reply. i asked her and gave her links asking her to please respond to all of our complaints with bingo billy.

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 23:13:18 -0400
From: robin520 <robin520>
Subject: Laura

I just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that you failed to
bully me with your threats. You may have stolen 400.oo dollars of mine but I have talked to enough people and warned them about your site that you have lost far more than what you stole from me. I have posted my experience with your site on many forums and have spoken to hundreds of people. It seems I'm not the only one that has had a problem with your site. Yes you may be a big powerful company with many threats and bullying tactics but in the end people will form their own opinions from what they experience and hear from others and that laura will be your downfall. You have a nice day

Hi Laura,
I'm not too sure what this email is regarding, he's obviously unhappy.
Is there an on-going issue with this that perhaps we can assist with or is
the matter closed.
Thanks in advance,

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From: Laura Bingo Billy
Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 10:41 AM
Subject: Fwd: Laura, Player ID: BBY416727.

Dear Robin

The one who stole something from you was your daughter by taking your
credit card with your permission and using your information in our site to
open an account. I have the proves I need and the support of our software provider, which is the biggest Bingo Software provider right now. We did not took ANYTHING from you and you are in your right to go and post whatever you like at the forums.

I can tell you this much. I truly believe in God and justice. All harm you
could cause by saying lies about Bingo Billy, a company that is run by
honest people, will come back to you. You protect your daughter when you should teach her a good lesson but I'm not in the right to tell you nor
judge your job as parent.

Just keep your daughter away from Internet cause I bet she will steal your information again and will try to use the end she knows you
blamed the site and not her for doing this.

I'll be more than happy to visit the most important forums on the Internet
and defend the site with the evidence I have on my hands.

Have a great day

Laura Chacon
Brand Manager

you have a great day also laura. please do come and answer all of the questions that me and many others have about your site. i beg you to please tell all of us that we are just a bunch of sore losers and how we have no right to question what goes on at bingo billy. and i will only tell you one more time to stop with your threats laura. you threatened me with how big your company was and how they were big traders on nasdaq, you told me you would black list me and now you are bringing god and justice into this if i continue to speak up. tell me laura what is going to happen to me ? what the crap does god have to do with this ? you are indeed showing your true colors laura and people will see through your peaches and cream wonderful we care about you bingo site. you are ripping people off, bullying them and belittling them. and laura you and your big company can spam me, send me viruses, belittle me, bully me and threaten me with god, black lists and big powerful companies all you want ... i will not shut up and go away. i am going to make sure that people learn the truth about you, CM Debi, CM Mark and bingo billy. again i ask you to please join the forums and answer all of our questions. here are the links

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***please tell us why it is always the same people winning over and over again***

Posted by BunnyFun at OBN and copied at another forum by Robin520:

well I agree with you on house spend that much money and not win is definetly a warning bell. I just dropped about 80 in one hr yesterday, not even a i'll move on and say to them..I hope people get wise to ya.

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Posted - Aug 06 2005 : 01:26:55

I don't normally post things on the forums, but I thought I should post this. I understand you are a new site. I've recently been looking for a new "home" to play at. So I went and tried your site out. I was in chat for a couple of games before the try out money got deposited into my account. The same person won all 3 games. I said to myself, well it's not my money, I will try out the site anyway. So I went ahead and played 4 cards for 2 games....the same person one of the games I was in and a different person won the top of the hour game.....I played a couple more games....and the same person won I blew my last $2 on the last game, needless to say, the same person won again. So it seemed awfully fishy to me that the same person was winning time and time again with only about 5 or 6 people playing in the game.

My search continues for a new bingo "home" to play at.

I appreciate the $5 bonus to let me try your site, however, I won't both wasting my hard-earned money to deposit there. It's too much of a risk. I haven't been back there since. I understand some people are lucky....but THAT lucky.

***please tell us why it is you bully people with how big your company is and how they trade on nasdaq.***
they were the most rudest people i have ever encountered. there was no need to bully me with their being a big powerful company that trades on nasdaq that had nothing to do with the issues i was having.

***please tell us about this black list you threaten people with.
and then to tell me they would blacklist me from wherever it is you blacklist people was uncalled for.***

and like i told you before you and your employees need to learn how to interact with your customers. bullying and belittling them isn't good business. CM Debi was very rude to a player when all she did was ask why there were no CM's in the rooms. i was also there when none were present so she is not lying. she was called a liar.
Posted - Aug 06 2005 : 07:12:26

I personally would not play at a site which is as rude as CM Debi was to ladybingo in this thread. Instead of trying to find what the problem is, and correct it, she has flat out called ladybingo a liar. Yep, just the kinda site i would want to deal with! Not! By the way, when i went to bingobilly, about a month ago, (maybe less) there was No One in the Rooms! So i am sure ladybingo is telling the truth here.

***and is it a routine thing for your employees to act as newbie players on bingo forums and then have CM reply with a sales pitch.***
this is really very funny. mark posted on CM of the year acting like he was a player and CM debi replied to him. see how easy it is for house players to act as tho they are just one of us players. if they don't have a problem doing this then what else are they capable of.

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Posted - Jul 16 2005 : 05:20:36

I found this really great site to play at. They have really great cm's there fun chat games and the fastest payouts i have ever seen.
its really great. i'm so happy i found a site to play at that wont give me a hard time when i want to cashout...

Edited by - mark on Jul 16 2005 05:24:08

Posted - Aug 04 2005 : 12:58:58

I went to Bingo Billy and while I was there I found NO CM working and no one playing the games.

I also sent an email asking them if there was a CM so that I can be there when they are and they replied that there WAS a CM working at the time I was there.

Well I went to every room multiple times for 1 hour and did not find anyone there.

I told them that and they INSISTED THAT "I" was WRONG over and over and also told me that IF I emailed them back NICELY I would get 100% bonus on my next deposit. ?? lol ??

The person in charge even said that THEY were in the rooms.

I find that hard to believe and think its an outright LIE.

Terrible to lie directly to someone when I KNOW when I was there and which rooms I went into for one whole hour.

Seems fishy to me.

And the person who started this thread "MARK" is a CM there, and they give out free bbs for those who post their NICE remarks here.

Not right in my book.
Laura @ Bingo Billy

I will be more than happy to go and defend my honor and Bingo Billy's honor cause John...God has to do with EVERYTHING in life...At least in my life. and I don't dare to do anything that I know it could offend him. Silly or not I live my life knowing that all bad things you do will come back to you and that is why the word STEAL here is completely OUT OF ORDER

You stay tune to read my replies but I will talk to forum owners moderators

Thanks for reply


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