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Mar 4, 2004
South Africa
Hi everyone

I haven't been on the gambling scene for some time and would like some advice on freerolls that I can take up. NO advertisements please, just genuine advice on where a South African player can play some freeroll poker without any hassles.
Hi Chatmaster,

Send me a PM and ill tell you an excellent site for freerolls with few players - only 28 played Saturday's 250 EURO freeroll and I came 2nd.


Go to the site you like playing at. Go under the private section and search for freerolls. Under entry fee it will say free. When you find them look at the name of the forum thats having them. This will be under description. Do a Google search on the forum's name. Go to the forum and join and make some posts. You will soon be getting invites to the freerolls. Forum freerolls have many less players than site freerolls and are much easier to get into the money.

This may sound a bit involved but it's the only way to go. If it works for you, give me a thank you.
Full Tilt poker would be my choice for freerolls. I think they run one every other hour or so.

Doyle's Room has some good freerolls, but most of them have a requirement of at least one Raked Hand in a Ring Game in the last 24 hours.

I can't stand playing freerolls anymore... Too many Donk's :eek:

I would rather play 10 cent Sit-n-Goes... You get a better class of player. ;)
Pokerstars for the massive field freerolls & different variety of games.

FullTilt is pretty good.

If you are looking to start a free bankroll, pick a smaller site. Ive heard carbon poker is pretty good but Ive not checked lately. New sites pop up all the time, they are usually best to pick up a few $$$

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