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Feb 16, 2006
Hi all,

is it only possible to register at getminted if you have a credit card ?

You must amend the field credit card to complete the registration, but what is if you have no credit card, separate only a debit card ?

They offer Neteller as an option, gives it nevertheless a way to register there ?

thank you for any answer

I registered with no problems a maestro debit card about a week ago. Have also had a few cash outs this week and they hit the account in 2 days :thumbsup:
Thank you for your answer BubbleG,

i like also register a maestro debit card, and then change to Neteller but if i put my card number in that field the form say: Sorry, the credit card is invalid and you must amend between 0-9 numbers into the field.

it's not a Visa, Visa Delta, Mastercard, Switch or Solo, it's a german bank and my card number is ******/*****

i was in contact with support but until now the issue is not solved and i think the problem is, that i've not the cards that they would accept and i'm waiting now up their answer

by the way i sent them a copy of my debit card
You do have to use one of the mainstream registered debit cards im afraid. Anything with the solo, maestro, switch or cirrus and visa debit should work ok. A card specific to your own bank using its own system would not work.
normally i need no credit card but i think i need nevertheless a Visa or Master only for registrations at such Companies

it makes no Sense, because i would change after that to Neteller, so they could directly offers Neteller as an option
I registered with no problems a maestro debit card about a week ago. Have also had a few cash outs this week and they hit the account in 2 days :thumbsup:

Interesting. I tried registering a Maestro debit card about 2 months ago and it allowed it to be registered fine, but it won't allow deposits with it whereas the same card at Virgin (same software) works fine. Odd.
today i was in mail contact where i was asked for the six digit numbers at my debit card and whether it's a prepaid or connected to a bank account and name of the bank

i sent them all details again and wait now for an answer if they can accept or not

personally i think they should introduce the Neteller and Maestro Symbol

i have never must wait so long for a registration :D
Haven't tried GetMinted yet, but I had a similar problem at Virgin. I was unable to register my VISA card, and I was unable to open an account. I used that CC many times at other Wagerworks casinos.

I gave up registration.
i tried to open an account at Virgin with the same card details that i tried to Getminted, but with no luck

first of all i like to apply and try a prepaid Visa Card, does anyone believe, whether it works or would it better to apply a classic Visa or Master Card, if they not accept my card ?
One thing I discovered that may be useful on Maestro/Mastercards. If you deposit an odd amount (ie: 101), sometimes it will accept it at casinos where previously it had rejected it. Doesn't always work but in some cases it does.
interesting to know that you have discovered Simmo ;)

i don't want to work with a credit card, while i use other payment methods, i need it only for the registration at Companies where you can only register with a credit card and have the chance to change to Neteller

my Interest lies not really to sports bets separate only register to casinos

that's why i thought and asked to apply a prepaid Visa and not a classic CC

if i also can't use a prepaid Visa, i have the choice between a Visa and Master

until now no reply from support and it works rather long to answer accept or not accept

i saw that the rep was here yesterday and contacted him also, although i'm not yet a member at their Company
straight i get the answer from support that they are unable to accept this payment method :(

in this foresight i have requested today a Visa Card.

AudiMan had scribed it, that it will not work.

thanks to all with your appreciate answers

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