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Feb 21, 2004

I read with great interest the Casino New York warning in Bryan's newsletter. It brought back some humorous yet traumatic memories from a recent Casino Las Vegas(CLV) cashout I endured.

Quickly, I must say I enjoy Playtech software (especically the VP) and their rather generous bonus offers. I've never been stiffed by a Playtech outfit, and in fact very recently have succesfully executed a casino new york withdrawl. Now for the story!

Sometime late last summer, I requested a cashout from CLV which was similar in size to the player's referenced in the newsletter. Now like many who gamble online I don't have a fax machine and scanner at arms length, but after a few days I was able to get my docs scanned and on my computer. I attached them to an e-mail and waited patiently for my money or at least a confirmation. Nothing! I tried again. This time I got a failure to send message. I tried again for a week or so. Same story...either no response or failure messages.

I got in contact with customer service. Try a different format they said! Well, .tif, .gif, .jpg no luck! Oh you must have a virus they said. Well, Symatec and McAfee don't think so I said. Just fax it they said! Then I got the old "I can't make out the signature on your CC" etc. "Can I just mail copies to the address on your website?" I said. No!

The last straw was when they finally were able to confirm the CC signature, but unfortunately it partially blocked the 3 digit security code which interestingly is on the signature line. I was being jerked around and knew it. This whole game took months...and finally I called customer service in complete exasperation on a holiday and begged for understanding. Begrudginly I was paid.

Clearly, many Playtech casinos utilize a "Slow Play" manual which us punters don't have access to. I thought it would be a fun and stress relieving exercise to try and recreate this manual. I'll start.

Chapter 1 4 Business day waiting period to even start processing
Chapter 2 4 figure Withdrawl? Stall, Stall, Stall
Chapter 3 The Devil is in the Details. Please resend your Credit Card
Chapter 4 Plausabile Deniability (No sir we never recieved that)
Actually, what happens is emails with attachments from certain free email services like yahoo, etc get blocked when you send them to a playtech casino. I had a similar issue last year and found that email to these casinos goes thru playtech's email servers and they apparently have some type of spam or virus filtering software that trashes these emails.

I tried sending my documentation to one of the playtech casinos via email with scanned attachments from a yahoo address but never got the automatic acknowledgement email that they had been received. But when I emailed asking if they received it, I did get that automatic reply. I found that if I sent it from my work email system, it got thru fine, but not from most free email services.

One free email service I found is Its is very similar in look & feel to yahoo and lets you sign up for a free. When I sent my documentation from that address, they got it instantly and my cashin was processed. The next time I signed up with a playtec casino, I sent my documentation thru the myway account and the got it immediately and processed very quickly. Try this and I think you'll have the same experience.

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