Rant - Are people really this stupid?


Keep winning this amount.
Mar 10, 2005


This dummy, Brooke Easton, is constantly signing up for various lists, snapfish, etc; and apparently using the wrong email address - MINE.

And other times, I friggin get all kinds of off the wall emails, ranging from private conversations between family members, responses from apartment complexes from where someone was inquiring about whatever, etc...

If you can't remember your (or your friend/family members) #&*$@ email address, SAVE IT IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK, or simply write it down.

I got my gmail account years ago - back when when you needed an invite to create an account - so I was able to have the luxury of having a pretty simple email address. Which consists of my first initial and my last name.

Sure, it's somewhat common, but IT IS MINE, and if you can't remember your own email address, or can't write it down so you can get it right every time, get off the internets! You're clogging the tubes! :)


...ok I feel better now.

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