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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Randy Charach

An offer has been mass mailed, NOT SPAM, but by a UK based shopping loyalty website, giving it an air of authenticity.

This character claims to have "borderline legal" Texas Hold 'em winning tactics that will turn a novice into a devastating "wipe-out" pro.

He claims that pro players will refuse to play any novice who has seen the package.
Clicking through, the claims made are even more fantastic, and the package includes a guide to programming the "perfect" bot - referring to the other bots as cheap and ineffective. he prattles on to say that by turning your PC into one running 60, (yes, 60!) virtual Windows partitions you can simultaneously run 60 instances of the bot at once. He clearly has no idea of Bill Gates' bloatware - it is hard enough running ONE instance of Windows, let alone 60! - Further, Windows can multitask, so several instances of the bot can run on one partition - (as if the poker sites wouldn't catch on pretty soon about 60 players from the same IP logged on all at once over several rooms) He explains away the risks by claiming poker sites don't care about bots, so long as they make money from the rake - something they would not be doing if players found out the site was bot friendly.
Exiting the site without purchasing results in further pop-ups, with the price falling to a low of 17, for such "devastating" information.

The package consits of 8 CD's, containing 8 interviews with top poker players, where they supposedly "spill the beans".
More likely, this is all you get, no "devastating secrets", but methods that are probably public knowledge among many poker players.
When I refused the 17 offer, a comment screen popped up, and then the website froze and locked out Internet Explorer - does this mean EVERYONE is refusing from this mass-mailing?
Randy, here is my comment (if you read this erudite forum), since your site refuses to accept it.

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