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Hi everyone,

I dont post here often, as I never had a bothersome quetion to post until now....

I've always had a "love\hate" relationship with slotland's "spaceJack", but thats another story... the thing I wanted to share was an "unwitting discovery" with regard to the game of "Treasure Box" but before I get suspecious (sp?)I wanted to see fi any of you have drawn similar parallel experiences like this in the past?

See, I'd pull the lever on Treasure box, and watch the three reels spin... one day, my finger got "itchy" and inadvertently clicked quite prematurely, on one of the reels still spinning and locked in a symbol...I quickly undid the checkmark to let it continue on its merry way, my surprise, the end result was the same as my premature lock-in.

Curosity got the best of me, and for the next couple of spins, I intentionally played with "locking" (while the reels were still spinning&#34 ;) to get a glance at the symbol and then "unlocked" it, ((to let it continue on its spin)) ... each time, I was astounded to find the end results were the same as the "premature lock-in" being peeked at.

It seems from all outward appearances, that "TreasureBox" is not random at all.
I guess the best way to describe my thoughts is that "TreasureBox" is a "scratchcard" version, with the body of a slot machine, the only thing random is its spinning, but the "win\loss" ratio is dispensed in a pre-determined manner.

Does anyone else notice this pecularity, or am I the only one who is noticing this? (Im slowing catching on as to the "randomness or non-randomness" of certain games)

will you please share your thoughts on this? I'd love to hear from you all.

Appreciate your time and sharing insights.


I posted a reply to this at the WOL forum.
It's not an indication of the game being
"rigged", as far as I can figure.

Perhaps Bryan (Casinomeister) has some
thoughts or better information on this

Mr.Meister?? Can you add something
enlightening to this topic??
For some reason this sounds very familiar; I think this was brought up before and was given a thorough explanation on how this occurs from Slotland. Am awaiting their reply.

Hi. This is Ray St. Jonn, the Marketing Director at Slotland. I wanted an opportunity to respond to this post. First, thanks to Willray for bringing this up and for remaining unbiased while asking good questions!

Treasure Box is a great game; we constantly are told by our players how much they love this particular machine. One of the features about Treasure Box is that each round serves up TWO spins; the first spin allows the player the option of holding any or all of the three spin results; then they can go on to try to match up a good winning combination after selecting the items to hold.

In Willray's case, Willray is clicking the hold button during the first spin of each round. At the time the hold button is clicked, it does indeed display the end results of the first spin, EVEN IF THE REELS ARE STILL SPINNING. However, this is only phase one of the game, and it isn't until that second spin occurs that you will realize the result of your wager. Does this mean that Treasure Box is rigged or the outcome predetermined? NO, TREASURE BOX IS NOT RIGGED; YES, like ALL OTHER SLOTS, the outcome is predetermined at the VERY MOMENT that you make the spin. In other words, unlike what many superstitious players would like to believe, NO GAMES at Slotland look at the player's profile, their wins or losses AND/OR the amount of the bet to determine the outcome. The outcome is purely and totally controlled by the RNG (random number generator) and that outcome is determined AT THE TIME the spin is made (or cards are dealt, in the case of Space Jack, Wild Heart or Jacks or Better), NOT BEFORE OR AFTER that point in time. In other words, the action of spinning or dealing captures and freezes the RNG result; and the resulting symbols will appear.

As most of our players are aware, Slotland is a no download casino, which does not require even Java to operate. This does not mean we do not use Java Script animation on our site, but for browsers that do not support Java Script animation (such as Netscape 3.0), we offer an alternate page which does not display animation! In such a case, the result of the first phase of spinning is IMMEDIATELY displayed. Actually, in browsers which support Java Script animations, the result ALSO immediately appears, but in less than a second, the animation sequence begins, so it is difficult to see the results, even though they are already there! In essence, the animation enhances game play for the player, but the spin result is always known before the animation begins. If you do your homework, you will realize that ALL slot machines function in this same manner, whether it is operating online or at a land-based casino!
Hi Ray,

Thanks for the informative post! I remember that this had come up some time ago, but I forgot what the answer (at length) was.


Will Slotland work from a Palm i705 PDA?

To quote the Gamemaster, "I've seen the future, and it isn't brick-and-mortar." A friend of mine just purchased this Palmpilot, and is paying approximately $40 a month for unlimited internet.
Anyway, he let me check it out for about 2 hours.
It doesn't have a real keyboard but once you learn how to type letters by hand, typing is not so hard. I went to Yahoo and Earthlink and checked my mail. After seeing my mailbox stuffed to the hilt with St. Patty's Day offers I decided to check out several sportsbooks to see how hard it was to place bets from the PDA. Turns out it was easy as 1-2-3. I was shocked.

Next step. I started going to online casinos. First step was a Unified Gaming site, Winward Casino. Although the initial graphics show perfectly, the games are java, and this would not work from the PalmPilot. But I had no problem setting up a new acct.

Next, I went to Dr. Ho's 888 site. I just wanted to see if a text version only existed which allowed me to place bets. The intitial webpage appeared perfectly. In fact, the Palm even displayed a full pictorial of Dr. Ho without a problem. All graphics were OK. But nonethless, I tried to enter the games, and it froze on me.

Next step, Casinomeister. Yup, if I go directly to I can read the messages here, and even reply without a problem!! WOW!

Surely there must be some online casinos out there that are looking for new, innovative ways to make money. Why should players be stuck gambling from home, when most people are on the go. Noone wants to carry around a laptop computer everywhere they go either. A PDA or WAP makes more sense than anything else out there.

Anyway, if I can get Slotland to work with the Palm i705, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for me, since I could gamble from my job WITHOUT anyone else knowing what I'm doing.
Anytime I take a break, I connect to the net, go to Slotland, play a couple hands of Spacejack for REAL $$$, cashout and logoff.

Imagine going on a 3 1/2 hr busride from NY to Virginia while at the same time gambling for real $$ on the Final Four.

As technology improves, the possibilities are limitless.

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