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Sep 7, 2005
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I started gambling at Internet casinos playing strictly BlackJack.

I also tried Video Poker (Jacks Or Better) and just yesterday, I claimed the $40 bonus at Ausvegas casino - where I got $300 from a single $20 deposit.

It might be my beginner's luck, but I think about trying some more slots at other casinos. My question is , what software (RTG, Playtech, Wagerlogic,Microgaming?) do you prefer when it comes to slots - and what game exactly is your favourite?

And,now that I come to think of it, what are your criteria when it comes to choosing a game? Its graphics ? Its jackpot? Its payouts?

Oh well, I guess there are 3 questions here... :)

Thanks a lot! :)
What i think

Personally what i think that matters the most are.

1. The fairness of the casino.
2. The fairness of the software.

You pick the software you like the most. You should be getting paid at all Cryptologic, all Microgaming, most playtechs, and a couple of rtg:s (inetbet,bodog,sci-fi,breakaway to name a few where you shouldn't run to troubles).

Jackpots and Graphics don't matter to me much. Never won a jackpot anyway unless you count a Royal Flush as a jackpot.

Anyway if you started playing videopoker and blackjack, why not stick to them. Much better payouts in blackjack and videopoker....

Slots can be addictive and fun though, and yes you can win big, but in videopoker when you hit your first Royal Flush it will feel BIG too ;)

kavaman said:
Slots can be addictive and fun though, and yes you can win big, but in videopoker when you hit your first Royal Flush it will feel BIG too ;)

I've been playing VP for some time - actually the ONLY game I've been playing is Multi - Hand Jacks Or better. Had my good runs at Cryptologic Casinos, but when it came to Microgaming I wasn't that lucky (actually , I wasn't lucky AT ALL! :( )

Nicest hand ever had was a straight flush. RF is still to come. :)

Thanks for your reply!

I have never had any luck at cryptologic casinos. My balance goes fast and I have never hit anything worth while.

For poker I like the RTG. I seem to do well there. Micro is kinda hit and miss
on poker for me.

For slots like I like playtech, micro and rtg. When playng slots look for ones
that do not have a very high payout at the top, as you will win less.

I prefer slots

I love the slots. Don't do well at poker unless I am at a strictly poker site.
I really like it when casinos add new ones, as I get bored with the old games after a while. Hit just recently for $1000 on a slot at Royal Vegas and paid in less then 48 hours. Starluck has been really good also to me lately too, on just a 45cent bet. Because I am a gold member they pay me in a matter of hours or minutes. Only problem there is you can't cash out for 8 hours after your deposit.
Inetbet is the most reputable when it comes to high standards. They pay quick and take good care of you. I just redownloaded Kiwi Casino, as I used to play there a lot and win and they pay quick. They have new games so I am going there. They also answer my emails very quickly, rather then some I won't mention here, who have never answered me or take days.
Just go with your gut, and the recommends you will see here are good ones.

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