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Mar 10, 2005
It's another sweltering day here @ 101 degrees (38c) with about 30% humidity. I just checked, and on the side of their page, it says that today is an excellent day for golf, and rates it a 9 out of 10. :eek:

Call me nuts, but at 101 degrees with 30% humidity, wouldn't it be crazy to play 18 holes?

Or are hard core golfers really that addicted to the game? :D
Here's hardcore golf prop bet for you:

Complete 4 rounds of golf in one day, average under 100 each round, walking (no cart :eek:), during the summer - in Vegas of all places....:D

The price was right, I guess....$340K ;)

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here's the recap if you don't want to watch the video or don't have time :p

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As a freshman in a private high school, I tore cartilages in both knees in the same football game. (odds)........Every student has to play a Fall and Spring sport and as a catcher in baseball, I was done. I took up golf by default and by my senior year was playing #1 for a school that has always dominated the country club sports in TN despite a high school enrollment of 300+/- (school played all sports in the State division for the largest schools and somehow won many various sports State Championships).

I obviously was addicted as I kept improving and the heat and humidity never bothered me as I played daily often from early morning to dusk during the Summers.

Played some in college and even made the Freshman team (which I quit as it required too much time). Played a lot with 7 or 8 guys that would eventually end up on the PGA tour. I realized I had no future in golf as these guys were in another league and my improvement plateaued. After college, my work allowed very little time for golf.

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