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Nov 28, 2010
I made a $50 deposit with William Hill (WH) casino with my Visa debit card.
Withdrew $50 to my Visa debit card.
$30 hits my bank marked as WH as the sender and I am asking where did the other $20 go?
I asked my bank (St. George) and they tell me WH deposited $52 in the National Australia Bank (NAB) who then charged me some kind of fee for $20 then passed the remainding $30 along to my bank.
Then St. George told me to go back to WH and ask them why did they deposit into NAB.

I just feel cheated here. Anyone have any advice?
This has never happened to me before and WH had my full bank details I just don't understand why they would send the money to a different bank.
That sucks (but thats the Austraian banking system= gouge where we can)- sounds to me like WH may have done it as a bankwire or an overseas TT- which would explain the fee as it would appear their cashprocessor used NAB as the intermediary Bank (which sounds about right for the fee charged).

Perhaps talk to WH and confirm- expain how high the fee was and ask why this method used- by AML rules they have to recredit to the same source you deposited from but many casinos just cancel the deposit - bit slower takes 7=10days to come off hold but no fees- if this is what you thought was going to happen explain nicely- they may comp you the difference if you are polite and havea history of being so.

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