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Aug 29, 2008
Hi everyone , i just found this forum through google.

My complaint is about Purple Lounge.

I made a deposit last week and the funds were placed on hold , not sure why it happened considering i deposited before ......I emailed Customer service and around 14 hours later the money gets put in to my account and I'm told it wouldn't happen again.

Well around 6am today, i deposited 30 , it went into my account ok but when i went to transfer it to games it disappeared.

I then deposit another 20 but it happens again.

I then go check my account History and it says : Transfer To Purple Lounge Poker (Requested)

I'm not happy about this , as i like to play Poker when I'm in the mood to play & if Purple lounge is unreliable in this way i would sooner go else where.

I wish there was some other way to contact them as i have still not had a response to my email and my funds have still not showed up in my account , its just really poor service.

It would help if the Live help worked , but it always says its unavailable.

Is this normal??

If it is i think ill use another Poker site as its a bit of a joke to be honest.


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Oct 14, 2004
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This seems a severe case of a common complaint. Normally, this is seen when a deposit is made, but does not appear in the account.

To take 14 hours to respond & fix it the first time, and then fail to respond at all is not good, and is most certainly not "normal". It suggests they have quite a widespread problem at present, which would explain why they have switched off live chat semi-permanently, and are taking so long to deal with Email queries.

I believe they use Prima poker, and this is available through quite a number of sites, so you can play poker with Prima through another site. Players are pooled, so you will have the opportunity to enter the same tournaments, or play with the same group of players as you would through Purple Lounge poker.

They should eventually fix this, even though the mood to play will have passed, you will have some poker funds at the ready next time.


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Sep 26, 2004
Hi Caseyk,

Welcome to the forum.

Fine googling:D:D You can send a PM (private message) to Purplezelda to ask for her assistance. She is Purple Lounge's rep here and is listed among the I-gaming Forum reps above. Just click that link.

Actually, I wouldnt continue to making more transfers/deposits as this would make it more confusing. See if she can give you a solid reply before continuing.


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Jul 22, 2008
Welcome to the forum Caseyk. Hope you get it all figured out. The people here are very helpful. :)


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Jul 6, 2008

had a quick search through previous threads and found this one...


seems this is a long standng issue with purple and as pointed out previously there are much better prima sites to play on where cs is much better...

after more trawling forumthreads found another identical one just like it..


seems this has been a long standing problem and another reason to move elsewhere...
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