Purple Lounge, a pleasant surprise

De Beuker

Senior Member
Just wanted to share my experience with this casino with you all, as it was rather good.
I must admit that I never heard of them until I found them here in CM's accredited list.
Purple Lounge is powered by Microgaming, and also has a pokerroom.
Decided to check them out and take 100% SUB.
After registering I opened the casino, and it felt good immediatly, maybe because purple is my favourite colour, but also because the intro is relaxed, not 'in yer face' with screamy advertising popups, this place has got style.

Had to get used to the banking page, you deposit into a wallet, then you can transfer money from your wallet to the casino or pokerroom.
I could only choose USD as main currency, no prob, makes the money last longer :)
And the money lasted long, long enough to make the 50x bonus WR and cash out 6x my original deposit ;)

The withdrawl process was a relief, this is the first casino I found that has no reverse withdrawl option at all, you cash out, and thats it.
They do charge a withdrawl fee of 1 USD, not often seen, but I'm not having sleeples nights of that.
The money was in my Neteller within 24 hours, and they requested documents AFTER they paid me, so future witdrawls should go even faster.

They offer great follow up bonussus of 100% match, took one last thursday, played with it all evening and night, cashed out 3x deposit at 09.28, received the money 09.38. :eek::thumbsup:

For me this is a place to come back to.

This was my coolest win there, 5 scattered bats on Boogie Monsters (yes, was already in 5 scatter thread, please forgive me):D