Progressive Jackpots not available to players from the U.S. at Jackpot Factory


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Just logged into my All Jackpots account and I got a message that progressive jackpot games are no longer available to players from the U.S.

I could play them less than 12 hours ago...but no more.

Thanks for the heads up Jackpot Factory.....NOT!


Ueber Meister
same here but we cant say we wasn't prewarned that
we was being cut off from the Progressive Jackpots
cause we was you cant just blame Jackpot Factory

all the Progressive games have been removed from all micro that
I have logged into

again we was told this was gonna happen



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I know that we were warned that it was going to happen... I'm not blaming Jackpot Factory, just a little upset that we weren't told that it was happening now, today.

Jackpot Factory casinos are the only MG casinos that I have installed so I wasn't sure if it had been implemented at other MG casinos yet.

I guess we can probably guess whats gonna happen next.

GGW Laurie

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i havent even been back to play...........what a shame it had to come down to this, but we were warned and then told it was ok and then it was not o.k.....and then yadda yadda something about kentucky and boardering states, to much drama for me:eek:....................laurie