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Feb 16, 2006
Hi at all and Hi to the Palace Group;) ,

i played at MG with a offering Bonus buy $60 get $40, i won with my deposit and wagering still $10 or $20 from the Bonus and then i make a withdrawal over $200.
The rest of the Bonus resets to zero about the new Bonussystem.

The withdrawal process begins at 08/17/2006.

It was not the first Bonus i played and i had any Withdrawals from the Palace Group, never i had a problem.

Normally it takes two days to transfered the Credits to the preferred payment method.

After six days still, nothing and then i contacted they via email, nothing.

At the Live-Chat then the crazy explanation :

I am registered as a German player and would indicate my IP address out of UK.

What does that with the IP address have to do?

My account was closed, is however meanwhile again up.

I wrote them that I was not in my entire life yet in UK.

Now they want simply the usual documents what you not however needed previously.

In the moment, they require another Utility Bill current what I yet must send them.
They have one however but that is older than three months.

Does the palaces group (Fairground Holding) belong turn yet with to the largest, why they therefore so a tactic on?

I cannot understand that :confused:

sorry for not all correct translation and thank you for any Comments



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