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Sep 26, 2004
2 dys ago i made a deposit at kingbilly. No games could be played at all as there was a message saying i cannot play the game as ny country is resticted. didnt ake sense as all restricted gaes already did not show up anyway. Chattd with support and after a lengthy period of they admitted it was a tech problem and told me to be patient. 2 days on, the issue hadnot been resoveed and said i want my mone back. Spport says I must wait till the tech problem is resolved till I get my money back. Well, its their problem and I have no idea when t will be resolved,I am simly asking for my money back but tey refuse to release the funds, btw, no bonuses are involved..
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Yeah, the least they could do is simply return the money if it's obviously their problem. They shouldn't keep your money hostage even if it only takes a couple more hours to fix it, if you can't play and have waited for 2 days already that's more than enough.

Let's tag the rep @Rs.Kingbilly
As ever Chu, if you need our assistance we'd be happy to help.

- Max
Thx Max,
This is something I just want to share out, It does see they have an aura of arrogance in them and I simply cannot resist having a dig. I shall surely request your assistance if they ultimately do not pay out the amount involved is only paltry even by my low standards.
Its been nearly a week and te tech issue remains unresolved. They are unwilling to return my deposit to me and only tell me to wait, Disgustin behaviour for an accredited casino.
Its been nearly a week and te tech issue remains unresolved. They are unwilling to return my deposit to me and only tell me to wait, Disgustin behaviour for an accredited casino.
@chuchu59 , the casino people have contacted me to ask if they can help get this resolved. Please PM me if you want to take them up on their offer.

- Max
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Thanks Max, They claim the issue has been resolved. A couple of days ago, they wrote to me saying the casino isnt having tech issues but rather its a case of support not knowing the casino had already banned me because HK is now a restriced ountry. There is a huge difference between countries being restricted and the player being resticted from playing games fro certain providers. The error message that I tried to play a game which was restricted by the game provider.It is indeed unfortunate that the casino is trying to wriggle out of this with such an unbelievable excuse. They claimed they were working on the 'tech problem'for more than a week but instead comes out now to backrack on her words.
Manwhile, they have returned my deposit and my account is now closed.I do not know how on earth this casino can still be on the accredited list.

I they had been honest and simply told me from the onset that I can play no more there due to revised country restrictions I would be ok with that.and they could just have said th forgot to inform e bu they wasted a lot of myb time and when they couldnt frag any longer they come out with this nonsense.
Thanks for the info but I do recommend that you contact me via PM because the people that are offering to look into your issue are the people that the casino has to keep happy, namely Softswiss. They've done great things in the past on getting player issues resolved so I'd strongly encourage you to take the time to give it a go. What have you got to lose?

- Max
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