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Feb 28, 2005
I found this Poker room, their website they claim: 600% bonus on first deposit, earn 50$ every 50 PokerPoka point (PPP) collected, with One PokerPoka Point awarded for every $4 of player participation, and per $4 of tournament registration fees.

well...from this I understand that every time I play 4$ from my stack onto a pot I will earn 1 PPP, so I played a while, earning many PPP...
first surprise, there is no way I can find out how many PPP I ve collected so the website there is a club cash accumulator that should represent my PPP situation, but so far is still set to zero, since they say needs time to refresh...
and second surprise, in their last email, they casually say :

Also, I should remind you that player participation is calculated from the money taken as rake from each pot rather than the money that goes onto a pot in ring games.

And this I honeslty dont understand, I find this very tricky, so I immediately cashed out everything, in the hope to see again my money back in my neteller account
Although not described very well I am almost positive by $4 contribution they mean rake. That would make this a 25% rakeback bonus which would make a lot of sense. Earning that bonus at 1 point for every $4 wagered would make this around 500% rakeback, maybe even more depending on the rake structure.
yes, they do mean rake...but what i find tricky is that

1- if they mean Rake, why dont they say it clear?

2- there is no way you can find out how many PPP you have, so if you dont understand that for player partecipation they mean rake you just play convinced of making more PPPs that it is

well, good news is my deposit is back in my neteller account
yes, they do mean rake...but what i find tricky is that

1- if they mean Rake, why dont they say it clear?

Yes, very deceptive, as some poker rooms do go by bets placed and not rake.

And since they're going by rake in this case, it has to be the worst offer I've ever seen, if you're playing lower limits. :eek2:

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