Poker Addict: Where Do You Play?


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Jun 22, 2003
Hi Poker Addict,

I play pro hockey right next to Atlanta (Gwinette and Macon) for the last 2 years and am always looking for a place to play poker on my off days. Is there any casino in the Atlanta area where I can play? Thanks for your response in advance.
You have to go to Mississippi for legit poker rooms. There are some back room games in Atlanta but some have gotten robbed and they arent really legal either. The closest casino is the Harrah's in Cherokee NC and they have a poker room built but are still waiting for approval to open it. That casino is all video poker, video blackjack and slots.

Unless you feel the urge to drive 5 hours I would say the closest game is on your computer. I hardly even play live poker anymore because of this although I cant wait for Cherokee to get the poker room open, hopefull that will be in 6 months or so but noone seems to know.
Thanks for the info PA. If you ever get the hankering to watch a hockey game PM me and Ill get you some free ticks. If you come to a game a promise I'll get in a fight for ya ;) to make it a bit more entertaining.

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