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Apr 14, 2023
Hi all,

I hope I have posted in the correct place - I’m new to the site.

I am learning how to play Video Poker (particularly Jacks or Better). I’m based in the UK and struggling to find high RTP games online. I have played some that offer 98%, but have read there are better RTP games.

Does anyone know of good sites that offer high RTP for video poker UK players?

Thank you
I play a 99.54% Jacks or Better for a small number of hands almost daily from the UK. If you are willing to play offshore at a crypto casino then feel free to send me a DM.
Thank you for the reply.

Crypto casinos is something I am interested in, but I think at this point of my playing, I’d like to stick to more mainstream casinos if they offer any high RTP games - it doesn’t have to be Jacks or Better.

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