"Players online"-"Aces" Casino and SIA Casino- Had any experience or luck?


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Sep 7, 2005
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I'm thinking about trying their BJ, has anyone given it a go over there before?

It seems that Playrs and Aces are "brother" casinos - the strangest thing though is that their lobby and environment in general are EXACTLY the same. Same colours,buttons, etc. etc. etc.

Regarding "Sports Interactive (SIA)" casino, I also decided to try it.

I tried to find the wagering requirements for their 125% bonus, and found out that it's 8x :eek2: - which seems surprisingly low for such a bonus (which is up to $125! :eek2: )

I tried to find Live help, so I downloaded the casino - its Lobby is the only way to have live help, according to the SIA Casino website.

However, there is NO button for Livechat at SIA's Casino Lobby, unlike casino DelRio (the only PLAYTECH casino I've been at,up to now-and SIA is/was going to be my 2nd one!) - even though SIA Casino's Help file claims that there is one at the lobby. And, trust me, I've been looking for it for almost 10 minutes!

Any help would be appreciated! :thumbsup:

PS Please do correct me if I sound wrong, but under these circumstances I wouldn't trust these 3 casinos (Especially SIA, although it "seems" trustworthy...unlike its bonus and wager requirements!)
Nothing but good experiences with all three ...

Players Only actually threw $40 into my account recently because I hadn't played there in a while. Got it up to a respectable level ($125), but dropped because I got a little greedy. Still, the withdrawal I made hit NETeller within a day, but know that if you make a withdrawal after noon on Thursday, it won't be processed until Monday.

Aces.com has good reloads and I don't remember any problems with their initial signup bonus, either.

Sports Interaction is a good one for bonus hunters, too.

Just my personal experiences, others may have had problems ... :thumbsup:

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