Casino Complaint Play2Win will not payout(I know they're on your list)


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Apr 10, 2013
az, usa
On approx 1/4/2013 I tried making my first deposits at Play2Win casino. The first, for $50, was rejected. The second, for $50 was accepted.
Checking my bank statement I saw that both deposits were debited from my acct. On approx. 1/7/2013 I filed a claim at my bank for one $50 deposit.(stop payment). On 1/8/2013 I submitted a withdrawal for $800 and sent the required identification and three deposit verification papers.
I requested the funds be sent via wire to my bank acct. When that did not happen I contacted support and was told my bank would not accept the wire. I contacted my bank and was given a "international" routing number and then gave it to support. When no funds were deposited I contacted support again and was told that my bank would not accept the wire again. I was told to open a PayPal acct. and was assured that the funds would be put into it within two days. That never happened.
I attempted to contact support via email, telephone and "live chat" numerous times without success. Then upon attempting to log in my acct. was blocked. I contacted "live Chat" through my brothers acct. and was told that I had stopped a deposit of $50 and because of that, my acct. was closed and my withdrawal on hold.
I went over every deposit made to the casino and found that on 1/4/2013 they showed only one $50 deposit (my acct shows two). On 1/17/2013 the casinos records shows one $50 deposit ( my bank statement does not show it).
I was told to reverse my claim to release my withdrawal. Knowing I did not owe them the disputed $50 yet the deposit in their records on 1/17/2013 brought the total amount up to as if I did owe them the extra $50. I order to release my $800 I agreed to reverse my claim and give them the extra $50.
Still nothing happened and they would not communicate with me at all.
I contacted Ed at "Casino Listings" and he spoke with John Stern ([email protected]) who said they would not pay out and added that I was untrustworthy and attempted to fraud them and other casinos. I posted a reply at "Casino Listings" on the original thread in the complaint forum.
Since then I received a email from Sebastian K (Play2Win casino manager) on 2/19/2013 stating that my withdrawal would be processed when they get verification that my claim had been cancelled. I sent them copies of my bank statements, letter from my bank confirming the canceled claim and still no response or money. I then received a email requesting verification of all deposits made at the casino which I returned to them.
3/26/2013 and still they will not answer any communication attempts and will not honor a legitimate withdrawal.
It.s pretty sad seeing they will rip a customer off for, to them, is such a small amount of money.


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Feb 13, 2013
I went thru the same hoops as you. I had to take pictures of me holding my ID. I had to send in 2 ID still. They wanted to know how I was able to deposit with UKash. They called me 10 times. They wanted to know what slots I played. They kept lying saying I would be paid in 2 days. I PAB at another forum. I was then told, if I didn't go back and say how good play2win was I wouldn't get paid. After about 3 weeks of going back and forth. I was fully paid. They still called me to offer me new bonuses and crap. I have not deposited there any more.


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Oct 2, 2012
Rival casinos are known for these type of things.

I do wonder did you know that play2win was a rogue casino and yet you deposited?


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
If the failed deposit was a "phantom", never credited to your account, how would they notice if said "phantom" deposit did not go through. It means they intended to pocket the deposit even though it had failed, but not credit it to your account. Their underhand practice was what started this all off. It triggered you going to your bank, a rookie error in this industry, but understandable when their processor simply "eats" deposits at random and sends a message to the player that it has "failed".

What SHOULD happen in such cases is that the phantom charge will drop off after a few days, and not be claimed by the casino. Since they are not intending to claim it, they should not notice if a "stop" is placed on it to ensure it drops off.

What makes the casino look REALLY suspicious is what they did next. If they had interpreted this chain of events as a "chargeback", and also had information that you had done this before, there would have been none of this BS surrounding the withdrawal like "try PayPal", "your bank blocked it" etc. Instead, it would have been an immediate demand for an explanation of why a stop was put on the $50.

This is not confined to this casino, there are widespread stories of processors skimming off substantial amounts of players' funds through various means, and the "ghost deposit" is only one of them, where they claim the hold for themselves (meant for the casino) rather than let the charge drop after a few days. The casino is then left to foot the bill when the player notices what has happened.

In this situation, the FIRST thing you should do is contact the casino demanding why two charges have been taken when only one has been credited. Let the casino do the legwork with their processor, because ultimately it is the casino that is responsible for refunding the player, and it is their problem if they have chosen a bent processor that has ripped their players off.

Getting the bank involved may well have alerted them to what you were trying to do, and they may well have put a block on international transactions on your account. If you did accept their initial offer of trying to sneak one past Paypal, you could lose your Paypal account, and this would end any chances of you using eBay.

If you carry on playing elsewhere, you are certain to encounter this phantom charge situation again. They should never be pursued through your bank unless this is the absolute last resort. You should not be using your main bank account either, but should set up a secondary account (different bank) that you transfer money into that would not create a disaster for you were the bank to freeze that account in order to investigate your transactions.

Above all, don't tell the bank what they don't need to know. Reputable casinos will NOT take advantage of the phantom charge situation, but will find a way to recover the money and get it back to you with your bank being none the wiser.

Many feel that because of all these problems, US players should throw in the towel for now, and wait for the dust to settle on recent moves towards regulation of the online arms of some land casinos. This may open the US market to the more reputable side of the industry, whereas most of the reputable casinos have exited the US, leaving the options available to US players biased towards the rogue side of the industry.