Play Money vs Real: Online vs Off


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Sep 25, 2003
Vancouver Island
I'm trying to write an article about the differences between playing with play money and real money in poker rooms. Also, the differences between online and off.

So far, the biggest difference seems to be how aggressive the players are, how often people fold pre-flop, and how darn hard it is to bluff in play money games!

I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts on the differences. It'd be a real help!

What differences do you find there is between playing online and off, too. Please share your experience, even if it seems obvious.

I've noticed the strategies are quite different in each of them.

Thanks. :)
IMO play money online is about udeless when it comes to learning how to play. The flop % is about double, the calling to river is about double and like you say bluffing is useless. About the only place I have seen where play money is close to real money is absolutepoker because they have a promo if you reach 15,000,000 (I think thats the #) then you get $50 to play the real tables with. That at least makes play $$ a bit more competitive.
I agree. I spent two days playing with play money before switching for real.

It's a lot better, and my game's improving faster than possible with playmoney.

Probably a better question would be about the difference between regular play and tournament play.

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