Play just friends online for real money

Doesnt take all that much time just taking part in a game once a week or something like that.
And now that you have said you were known as the "master of cards" you kind of need to back that up.
there's also the time differentiation; my hrs don't coincide with those across the pond :)
If it could be somehow organised, although its been a god while, I'd try and join in (as long as the stakes were pathetically low :oops: :oops:)
If we set it up as a tournament instead of a cash-game, it would be a single cost that we can choose ourselves to enter.
Like if we have €5 as a buyin, that would get you 1000 chips for example, and then you play with those instead of money.
Go join the group now, im sure we can have a game organized and ready by 2022

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