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Sep 20, 2005
Left Hungary
Is anyone else getting an error lgging into paradise8 casino? Ever since they posted on the forum this week about upgrading the players comps, I wanted to give them another try, since I already have an account there and they look like they have some good promos going on.

I can't seem to log in at all. Says error check to make sure your connected to the internet. Well, how in the world would I have downloaded it right then and there if I wasn't!!! :lolup: Sheesh!

I disabled all my virus/cookies/firewall just to see if this was an issue and it still wouldn't let me connect. Then I went to their homepage and that won't even load....Help or suggestions would be appreciated especially from paradise8 since I can't contact thier supposrt since I can't get thier # cause I can't connect to thier site...geezes!
I had the same problem yesterday. I suppose their servers were down or something. I believe you can connect now.

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