Palace Group Deposit But No Credit!


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Jan 1, 2009
Alright so the situation in as little words as possible.

Made a deposit via USEMYBANK, as per usual, an instant online debit payment. Instant is the problem here, as its been almost 4 days and i have not received my credits.

immediately after making my deposit, i go back to the lobby only to find that there is a balance of $0.00 in my account. What the heck? Whats going on here? So i contact support with my issue, and am promised feeback via email within one hour and credits in my account that day.
Waiting, waiting, nothing, still nothing....
Contact again, and am told deposit is pending, and if pending for more then 24 hours it goes directly back into my bank account. how can this be pending, when i have the confirmation buyer receipt, from use my bank ,stating that i made a payment, in full and complete. I forward this to support for them to send it to the operations department who were not in at the time of my query. ok fine so the moeny is going to be back in my bank a bit strange, but whatever ill just redeposit.
Waiting, waiting, no bank balance changes, nothing in account.....mid day of day 2.
contact again, am told that pending deposits longer then 24 hours are returned to the bank account....its been more then 24 hours and theres nothing in my told the department will have to be contacted and that i will receive feedback by the end of today as well as the funds in my account. tell them that i have contacted use my bank and have received additional confirmation emails stating my deposit had been made and process, and paid. tell them that i have already sent the emails to them yesterday. response was
we have not received it
so i send all the info again, and am told ill hear from them by end of day, and that the funds would be in the account. in the meantime i get on the phone to use my bank and speak with a rep who again confirms that the payment was made, and reissues a payment check on my behalf, after which he emailed both me the casino, copies of.
waiting still and still nothing not even an email to update me on the situation.
contact again, and am told the department is not in as the day is ending there, and that this would have to be followed up with tomorrow.

Well its nearning the end of "tomorrow" now, and there is not a change in the scenario, the department still hasnt confirmed my transaction, and support members, continue to tell me they will be in contact, never to follow up with me at all.
i even checked my cash check history, which shows the transaction that was made. the transaction i have not been credited for.
has this ever happened to anyone else, and if so what did you do about it? and did it take this long to resolve? with all the information basically spoon fed to them it shouldnt take 4 days to figure this not so hard to understand problem out should it?

any insights or thoughts are always appreciated
and just for fun here is my most recent chat

You are now chatting with 'Buyi'

Buyi: Hi there

Buyi: My name is Buyi

Buyi: How may I assist you today?

ainsley: hi buyi i was wondering if you could look into my query i have open with spin palace

ainsley: there are a few $XX dollar deposits that are pending, and they were supposed to have been credited by now, as use my bank sent confirmation of the transactions to you guys

ainsley: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ainsley: is my account number

Buyi: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.

Buyi: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

ainsley: it shows up on my cash check statement but i havent received the funds from the casino

Buyi: We are busy attending to your query, please hold for a minute. Thank you.

ainsley: its coming up to almost 4 days since i first inquired about this, and the response has been different each day, and i keep being told my money will be credited this day then it was that day then it was today, and still i have not recieved the credits

Buyi: are you able to confirm the total amount

ainsley: xx dollars

Buyi: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.

Buyi: as per notes on our database an amount of $xx has been credited by Brad

ainsley: yes as a goodwill bonus

ainsley: it was a bonus credit

Buyi: i notice that this matter was escalated to our Operations Department for further attention

Buyi: we will be in contact with you a soon as we have feedback

ainsley: and then there is also the other deposit which showed up pending again for antoher xx dollars as told to me from seth

ainsley: alright i have been waiting for close to 4 days for feedback

Buyi: do you have the total amount of your pending deposits

ainsley: i am tired of hearing that, i would really just like my credits put into my account becuase i paid for them

ainsley: $xxxx as far as i know

ainsley: seth and i talked on the phone and he told me there were two $xx dollar deposits pending

Buyi: i can understand your frustration on this matter, however i notice that your casino account has been credited with $xx bonus to compensate you

ainsley: i ahve the documents from use my abnk which i had them sent to me from them, and i sent those into you guys as well, showing the confirmed approved deposits

ainsley: that is besides the point, its the least you could do, i have been given the runaround for the past 3 going on 4 days about this

Buyi: this matter has been escalated to our Operations Department

ainsley: all of the support agents have each told me one thing, and then never followed up to even say that they were still working on the matter,

Buyi: we will be in contact with you as soon as we have feedbak

ainsley: that is what i have been hearing for 3 days

Buyi: at least we have credited with the $xx for the convenience

ainsley: how long does it take to get feedback especially when use my bank has been contacted and they sent you guys the documents showing my deposits were approved

Buyi: we will be in contact with you

Buyi: as soon as we have feedback

ainsley: i will just get in touch with the contact on the website

ainsley: this is gone on for far too long, and i have been left with a bad taste in my mouth because of it

Buyi: please accept our humblest apology for the delay as we are still liaising with UseMyBank

ainsley: i dont understand though i have spoken with use my bank they sent out the payment chekcs, everything is as it should be excpet the fact i dont have my credits

Buyi: we will let you know as soon as this matter has been resolved

Buyi: We are busy attending to your query, please hold for a minute. Thank you.

Buyi: is there anything else that you would like to know?

Buyi: goodbye

Chat InformationChat session has been terminated by the site operator.


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Oct 14, 2004
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I have had similar problems with Neteller.

The problem is very simple, INCOMPETENT staff.

This is either CS, or, more worryingly, the operations department.

They seem to constently promise one thing, and fail to deliver.

It could be that CS never forward the issue on to operations, and hope the problem will "sort itself out" in due course, and just give excuses to buy time.

If you have given them the information from the bank, the operations department should be able to find the transaction, and complete it.

Since complaints to Palace Group are getting you nowhere, start badgering your bank to either "push" or "pull" the transaction from their end.

It seems from a few recent threads that standards are being allowed to drift at Palace Group. This problem should have been resolved within the first day, and any COMPETENT casino would have done so. I have experienced resolution within the HOUR in the best cases - now that is a casino that knows what to do when this kind of issue comes up.

This is NOT anything unusual, and is an inevitable consequence of internet based electronic transactions, therefore the operations department of any online casino should have standard procedures in place to resolve such issues.


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Jan 1, 2009
Thanks for tht, I am in full agreement. I too have had similar experiances the odd time with Moneybookers, or ClickandBuy, with another casino group. They were quick to solve my problem and i never waited more then 15 min, all i did was explain the situation, and they credited me immediately.

the customer support at Palace has been very dissipointing, and to boot, even after several emails after the chats i still have received no response from anyone there. i just want my credits so i can forget the whole mess and maybe consider the thought of uninstalling the casino alltogether.
im not a high matienece player, but when im told something by a member of the casino staff, i expect them to honor their statements and be true to their that so much to ask?

i didnt think so either

De Beuker

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Apr 20, 2009
I've had something similar once at Villento, they have Ideal as a payment option, I think thats about the same as Use My Bank, only for Dutch banks.
My Neteller was empty, and I use Ideal also to fund my Neteller account, so I thought it would be easier to deposit straight to the casino. Not.:mad:
Same story, transaction approved, money no longer in my bankaccount, but no credits showed up.:eek2:
Contacted support, they said the casino rejected the transaction, and the money should still be in my bankaccount, which was not the case ofcourse.
Had to send in the official bankstatement that showed the transaction was made.
Took a week before I had the credits.
Oh, and no comp. bonus..:(

Its very, very frustrating when something like that happens, especially when its your last playmoney. It really should not take days to resolve.
I really hope you get your credits soon, good luck!


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Jun 5, 2006
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I've had a similar issue, made a deposit, it came out of my bank but never got into the casino. I contacted the casino, they told me that it showed as being declined - it turned out that the money was actually being held in my UseMyBank account in pending status. Have you tried logging into UseMyBank to check your history there?