Opinion on casinos breaking there own T+Cs

scott dickson

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Jan 9, 2018
So today i took a deposit bonus on a casino which also came along with freespins. When i went to activate the freespins they were not there after a little back and forth with live chat they sent me a link to a game just to see if the spins showed up there they did, so i closed the game went back to the game the bonus was offered on and no freespins. So off to live chat again only to be told that since i loaded up the other game first ( which i did not, i only loaded it after they sent the link ) i am only able to play the spins on that game. Now dont get me wrong i am not actually bothered about which game the freespins were on but term 9 B from there own T+Cs clearly states 20 bonus spins on Twin Spin video slot game only. so it just got me thinking how often does a casino get away with breaking there own T+Cs but as players if we had done it the casino would use it as an excuse to not payout.
Hey. Ive read through your case and it got me thinking that it might be not about breaking the T&C. It really depends on a casino. Sometimes a team that is responsible for promos, its description and posting on the website (well the promo page) just havent included the necessary restrictions and further details. A mistake of them that leads to misunderstanding. In that case, a player just doesnt have enough info to use the promo correctly.
In addition, the problem may lay on the support manager who first offered you to check another game but was not aware that once you do this, it breaks the terms of use the bonus.
So to my mind, the things are often about people rather than fraud or cheating 🙃
For example, when i notice some mistakes on the MegaPari platform, i just get in touch with responsible team members and we search for a solution to make everything better 🙌

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