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If OPA is no more, who controls the database of the OPA (old) recomended/ not recomended listing?

Are there plans to maintain that database?

Is there a way for players to access it now???

I used that listing before I tried any casino.

The only thing more frustrating than losing is winning and not getting paid.



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Mike Craig's OPA still has the list.
I'm working on several lists. Use "search" function here for any casino you wonder about.


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Since I was the webmaster for the OPA site I have the listings. I can publish these no problem...

...but there is a slight problem since there is no reason given for most of these "not recommendable" listings, many of the casinos are now defunct, and many have moved on to bigger and better things, like opening other casinos.

Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to get my list "new and improved".

My list is good, but it is far from inclusive. There are many casinos out there that I have not dealt with yet that are evil. :twisted: The "rogue" list at Casinomeister deals with my personal experience.


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I was updating those.
No list is going ot be as good as using a message board's "search" function.

If you really want to check out a casino, go to
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and enter the url. Get the name of a server (all caps, at the bottom) and enter it is "search" here. That will let you know the software provider, bringup messsages, etc.

I'm saying that because it is the bad/marginal guys who are pumping out new company names and casinos like crazy. CasinoBar, Futurebet, Icrystal, Windows (the baddest of the RTG), Bethedealer, Iglobal, Elkaysys are all multiplying; much faster than Microgaming, Boss, and Crypto.